What is wrong with this health care bill

In order to aid 10% of our population, the government would now control 100% of us.  Following are some of the reasons this will happen.  President Obama admits that his highly touted pledge that “we can keep our current insurance if we wish” has disappeared, saying, “I think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge”.   As the law is currently written, we MUST go onto government insurance once we change or lose our jobs, or if our employer changes its coverage – no exceptions.   A single payer, government-controls-all insurance market is the obvious goal of the Democrats who passed this bill, including those who took various bribes in order to cast their vote.
With 10-40% of doctors refusing to have their once private practices taken over by the government, they have said they will retire. So there will be far fewer physicians taking care of 30 million more patients.  That will translate to much longer waiting times, as well as rationing – by necessity.
Due to reductions in government reimbursements to doctors as well as to Medicare and Medicaid, some small community hospitals have been and will be forced to close, and some doctors will stop seeing Medicare patients.

Employers will be forced to make changes to their offered coverage and some companies will be forced to stop serving the pharmacy needs of new Medicare patients, as illustrated by Walmart stores of Washington State. Employees are being warned about new higher health care costs.  The Congressional Budget Office has just announced that the cost of Obamacare will be at least double what they told us prior to the passing of the law.  Waivers have been given to “friends” of our President, mostly to union members.

Unbridled power now rests in the hands of the Secretary of Health and Human services to mandate just what insurance must and must not cover.  One debatable requirement is for all Americans to pay for birth control for all, as well as sterilization procedures for young female adults.  Each American is now forced to pay $1 per month to pay for this birth control.  In addition, a Board of appointed “experts” will determine which treatments are in their view worth the expense in relation to the expected length of life.

As Joe Biden said, this law is a”Big Effing Deal”.  It certainly is.  Just some of the ways to solve our health care problems without Big Brother include:

  1. Health Savings Accounts, whereby Americans will be encouraged to shop for competitive prices, and to keep unused funds for a future health crisis
  2.  Making legal the sale of health insurance across state lines.  This will cause great competition for customers resulting in lower costs to the insured
  3.  Tort reform, intended not to bar lawsuits against malpractice, but to keep frivolous lawsuits out of the courts, and to bar excessive lawyer fees which in turn raise the need for excessive judgments. This alone will save billions of dollars now being spent on defensive medicine
  4. Enrolling the approximately 12 million Americans who now qualify for Medicaid and S-Chip but who have not yet enrolled
  5. Insurance portability – the ability of those who are insured to keep their current insurance policy when they change jobs or are laid off. Insurance portability would greatly reduce the number of people who can’t get new insurance because of a pre-existing condition, for they will continue the insurance they already had
  6.  Enhancing health care for the uninsured thru insurance, vouchers, tax credits, and more free clinics
  7.  Allowing small business and individuals to join a larger group for lower priced insurance coverage, known as Association Health Plans.

It is my hope that the Supreme Court decides that government has over-reached  its authority by compelling each of us to buy a product of any kind.  After all, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid were all passed with true bi-partisan support and votes.  Congress should go back to the drawing board to construct a plan which will improve American health care without destroying the private market and giving supreme power to our government.  Contrary to what is being said, Republicans do not want people to die without health care!


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