Who need Congress - part 4 of 8

In part 4 of my expose: Who Needs Congress, I quote Barack Obama: “I’ve told my administration, we’re going to look every single day to figure out what we can do without Congress,”  “We can’t wait for Congress to do its job.”  Obama and his administration have passed the following laws and regulations:

1. The recent law signed by Obama confers the right of our government to indefinitely detain any terrorism suspect without trial.   Michigan Senator Carl Levin states that Obama asked for the language protecting American citizens to be removed from the bill.  To Congress’ shame, the bill   passed.  While believing no one should be detained or water-boarded at Gitmo, Obama nevertheless decided to kill an American citizen, terrorist though he was, via drone – al-Awlaki.

2. A relaxation on oversight of the FBI’s intelligence gathering activities – meaning our trash can be gone through and law enforcement data bases can be accessed without an investigation being opened.

3. The Department of Justice now has the legal right to tell outright lies about what documents it does and doesn’t have.  Government can hide from us just what it is doing.

4. The National Labor Relations Board is charged with judging private sector labor law cases and interpreting labor statutes. It is proposing sweeping rule changes favorable to unions.

5.  President Obama recently declared during congressional hearings into the disappearance of $1.2 billion that he can preempt the law whenever its enforcement might irritate a foreign government.

6. President Obama argues that he has the unilateral power to nullify Arizona’s Immigration law by saying that it implicates the president’s power over foreign affairs, trumping any state’s immigration-related actions when another nation has a complaint.

7. Our Department of Justice rejected South Carolina’s voter ID law, saying no evidence of fraud had been provided.  This standard was rejected by the Supreme Court but is ignored by Obama.  The Supreme Court also previously stated that the “burden to travel to an elections office with proof of ID is no more a burden than traveling to the polling place to vote.  Voter turnout has actually increased in states that require voter ID.  In Chicago, photo ID is required for purchasing Draino, but not for voting.

8. Obama’s EEOC has just declared that requiring a high school education in order to apply for a job goes against the Americans for Disability Act.  This not only is a ploy to get more votes, it creates a reason for more students to drop out of high school and it further dumbs-down our populace, all in one fell swoop!  Attorneys will be fully employed prosecuting lawsuits.

9.  President Obama recently named a new cabinet-level Office of Manufacturing Policy, along with two new czars who will guide his manufacturing policies.  This comes after he signed the budget compromise wherein the czars overseeing health care, climate change, the auto industry and urban affairs were eliminated.  Following his signing it into law, he declared he would ignore the part about the czars.
10. Obama is collecting information by asking supporters to ‘have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life’ by signing them up to get an email from the Obama campaign ribbing them for having ‘inspired’ the supporter to donate. In the process, Obama gets the conservatives’ email addresses.  If the supporter also provides the home address and purchases an Obama store item, Obama will even send the gift to Republicans.  This follows his [email protected] program and “Attack Watch”, the program of snitching to the Obama website on any person who might have said “something fishy” about Obamacare or anything else.

11) Obama’s Cybersecurity Coordinator is moving to give the Commerce Department the authority to create an Internet ID for all Americans, an “identity ecosystem” for the internet.

12) Americans staying at home caring for disabled family members are now forced to join a union and pay union dues.  SEIU receives about $30 of each family’s Medicaid subsidy as union dues.

14) President Obama in early January made three recess appointments of those whom Congress failed to approve.  The problem is that Congress was not in recess, making this a flagrant abuse of the law.