Mitt Romney: A Profile In Cowardice!

Mitt Romney wants to be the leader of the free world and yet he does not lead anything. It is Sarah Palin that is a real leader and everyone knows it. Palin has been out there fighting for Conservatives and Republicans on nearly every issue.  Romney is absent on the issues of the day and truly devoid of ideas. Mitt Romney and his supporters like Neil Stevens, Laura Ingraham and Allahpundit should be ashamed of his hiding out on every issue until the Iowa Caucus comes along. Romney has not had a position on anything lately and is not really hitting Obama on the economy and offering no specific vision for America unlike Ryan,Palin,and Newt.  It is Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich that are leading the fight against the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Agenda, while the coward Mitt Romney is hiding in a hole and willing to fight for the country that he wants to lead. He will never be president by hiding out and actingly cowardly against the Obama agenda.

Romney has no answers! He has no vision. No great economic plan to bring the Ameican economy back. Romney won’t even speak up against the Obama agenda. The coast is clear, Mitt. It is time to come out of your hole or get out of the race. We need people that stand up to the Democrats and offer ideas, opinions, and solutions like Palin, Ryan, and Newt. Mitt Romney is not fooling anyone with his profile in cowardice.

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