I am Done With Glenn Beck! He is now boring, idiotic, and not conservative.

When Glenn Beck came to Fox News his show was brilliant and a can’t miss program that was interesting, creative, and a real threat to Obama and the Liberals. During the past year and half is show has steadily declined since it began and has now become completely unwatchable. For his first 6 months I never missed a episode and now I could care less about Beck. There are many reasons I lost interest in Beck and no longer watch and listen to him.

Glenn Beck is not a conservative and both his TV show and radio show have become annoying. Beck has devolved into nothing more than a fickle Paultard that is both condesending and patronizing. Glenn Beck is not a conservative and not really for the advancement of conservatism. Beck has bought into the Ron Paul agenda hook line and sinker. My take is that Beck has run out of stuff to stay and is now boring and idiotic. He is not advancing the Conservative agenda and is pretty much promoting the Paultard agenda that seeks to undermine real a real conservative agenda. Plus his annoying theme song on the radio is awful and really annoying just like Beck.

Glenn Beck is a huckster and with nothing of value to say that has not already been said by smarter people that are not fickle Paultards. Beck puts out a crappy book every few months and has his one man shows and comedy tour and even goes on tour with Ted Baxter, himself O’Reilly. Glenn Beck has lost and I contend does not really believe in anything. His CPAC routine was terrible and it may have been the point where I began to see him for what he is and stated liking him less.

The Ron Paul/ Judge Napolitano brand of libertarianism is not conservative and in fact undermines Conservatives. Ron Paul at the 2008 Republican Debate seemed like a darn infiltrator and Beck now seems like a darn fool and a boring one at that. Libertarians are under-miners and not on the side conservatives.  Beck is a flake that is for sure and both he and his shows are tiresome.  Glenn Beck seems to lack the bite and credibility he once had.  The Friday show is a complete waste . I am tired of history lessons from a guy that did not even go to college and uses a chalkboard in 2010. The act is idiotic, boring,and repetitive. I think we can safely say Glenn Beck is no Rush Limbaugh, he is not even Sean Hannity.