DON'T VOTE For Rick Snyder- PLANT, FRAUD, RINO- Michigan, Please!

To anyone that lives in Michigan or knows someone that lives in Michigan, Please! Please! Please! Don’t Vote for a fraud, RINO, Democrat Plant, infiltrator, and Hijacker named Rick Snyder. Democrats know they can’t win the Govenorship in Michigan after Eight Years of Jennifer Granholm and a terrible year for Democrats and a weak Bench of Candidates, so they decided to HiJack the Republican Primary. The idiot Mike Huckabee is backing a fake like Rick Snyder. Snyder may very well win if liberals not are trying to undermine the primary. Huckabee also endorsed Alabama Teachers Union Stooge Robert Bentley. Huckabee Why? Two Frauds for Huckaphony

Snyder has racked up the backing from many liberal groups like the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and the backing of a bitter RINO/fraud that cost Republicans a House Seat. Joe Schwarz! If you live in Michigan you know Joe Schwarz is a pile of crap. Schwarz endorsed soon to be former Congressman Mark Schauer. I know people in Battle Creek and they hate Schauer.

Only Peter Hoekstra or Mike Cox can beat Snyder. Please, please rally around one of them or you will get a Plant as Govenor of Michigan. Thank you Mike Huckabee, you Tax Hiking Lardo Fraud Peddler.  Rick Snyder will be a nightmare. He will be.  You have to tell everyone you know in Michigan to get out and vote against Rick Snyder. Only Cox and Hoekstra can stop him from hijacking this race. Snyder will be the Charlie Crist of Michigan at best. Even Mitt Romney thinks Snyder is a liberal, he endorsed Hoekstra.

The Primary is Tuesday. Sarah Palin should make a endorsement of Hoekstra or Cox it very well could make the difference between having a plant or a real Republican like Cox or Hoekstra.

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