I am rooting against Ken Buck!

I am supporting Jane Norton even though she is not a total conservative. Norton can beat Bennett and Romanoff, whereas Ken Buck has jumped the shark. Buck is turning into a petty and stupid candidate that is falling into the media traps. I have high hopes for Colorado Republicans and if we can’t beat Bennett than in November it would be very disappointing. There is the potential for three house wins for the Republicans as well as the Governorships. Betsy Markey is finished and John Salazar and Ed Perlmutter are going to have tough races and I think at least one of them will lose. But, back to Ken Buck, he is proving to be a blowhard with the high heels comment and the falling into the trap with birthers “dumbasses” comment. Regardless of what you think why even go there. If Republicans vote for Buck they might as well hand victory Bennett.