Finally! A Strategy for Dumping RINOs in 2010

A blog entry on ConservativeHQ.com details how conservatives can use the lessons and strategies learned from Tea Party and town hall protests to dump unprincipled RINOs in the 2010 primaries, especially when these Republicans are being challenged by proven conservatives.

“In these races, the moderate/liberal Republicans typically have the upper hand because they are either incumbents or have previously served in office.  The U.S. Senate primary contest in Florida between conservative Marco Rubio and moderate/liberal Charlie Crist is a great example.  Crist has the backing of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and has the added advantage of being Florida’s governor.  Rubio, meanwhile, has the backing of the conservative Club for Growth and a bastion of grassroots enthusiasm.”

The blog entry says that “conservative activists should hit these unprincipled politicians where it hurts, and that is by dogging them along the campaign trail,” and emphasizes that “the 2010 primaries are key” for dumping RINOs.

The blog entry can be found at: http://conservativehq.com/blog_post/show/363