Conservative Movement's "Funding Father" Slams Media Double-Standard in Ted Kennedy Coverage

From ConservativeHQ.com Editor Richard A. Viguerie:

“It’s not my purpose or intent to list his sins and weaknesses or those of his brothers, John and Robert.  But while these are mostly covered up or overlooked by the national media, all conservatives know the mistakes of a conservative become the focal point of much of their obituary.

This is the double standard that the national media apply to liberals and conservatives.

I wonder how many well-read readers or the general public know that Joseph Kennedy, the father of John, Robert, and Ted, in the 1930’s was a well-known anti-Semite and was an admirer of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis (which, of course, is shorthand for National Socialism). It’s alleged he made millions in prohibition days as a rum runner. If that were the profile of the father of John McCain or any other Republican, wouldn’t that be a major part of the narrative of their lives?”

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