Why Impeaching Obama is a Bad Idea

Since we became aware the Joe Sestak was offered a position by the administration in exchange for dropping out of the race against Arlen Specter, there have been calls for impeachment.  Small at first, but growing in strength in the past week, these calls can threaten to derail the progress that we have been making.  In fact, I would submit that impeaching Obama is a terrible idea.  (Mind you, this is assuming that we win enough seats in November to even try.)

Impeachment puts Obama on the defense, and that might play to his strengths.  I like to keep in mind that Obama is really a community organizer.  He’s not a leader, or a “uniter,” he’s an Alinskyite-to the bone.  Part of their game is to portray themselves as the victim(s), and their opposition as the “oppressor.”  While Obama doesn’t know how to speak without a prompter, go to a foreign country without bowing to someone, or how to handle a national crisis, he does know how to distort, lie, deflect, smear, and pay power politics with people.  Those are his strengths, and impeaching him pushes him right back onto them.

Put him on the defensive, and we might just get to see what he is really good at.  Race cards will be played.  Narratives will be written and rewritten.  The MSM will fabricate or selectively cover whatever it takes to defend Obama. Rent-a-mob will be purchased and deployed.   The people prompting the impeachment will find themselves on the defensive in short order.  Also, don’t forget that in politics, it’s always easier to play to role of the “principled defense.”  Just ask the GOP.  They’ve been able to stay on message as a united front (with the exception of some RINOs).  For that, they’re polling higher, and are looking to make some significant gains come November.

Putting him “under attack” will also likely energize his base.  They’re not so active right now.  They had to pay Purple People Beaters to show up for Martha Coakley in January.  They probably had to pay the People Beaters to show up and scare the stuffing out of a teenager last week.  However, threaten his presidency, and the zombies will awaken.  That might put us on the defensive…literally (not that particularly bothers me, I see it as an eventuality anyway) .

Another reason to avoid impeachment is that it takes us off message and task.  No matter what, our agenda should be put forward.  Lower taxes, less spending, smaller government, school choice, repealing ObamaCare, and repairing the damage that Obama has caused should be front and center.  Impeaching Obama will take time and political capital, both of which are in short supply, and neither can be squandered.  The stakes are simply too high.  We either stop correcting damage, and getting the country back on track, or we spend time trying to remove a sitting President; a task that has never been accomplished.

The third reason centers on the fact that Obama is failing already.  He’s taking heat for the slow reaction time on the oil spill.  He is increasing alienating his lapdogs in the media, and they’re starting to notice.  All the “Easter Eggs” that were in ObamaCare are becoming public.  He is now a laughing stock overseas, and belligerent nations are taking his presidency as an excuse to become more aggressive.  They can say that the economy and jobs are getting better, but Main Street says otherwise, and a few hundred thousand-census workers are about to lose their jobs.  Democratic candidates are running against him, and treat him like the plague.  In fact, almost every candidate that he has campaigned for has lost.  It’s not an impressive record.  It’s going to get worse, and more and more people are noticing.  If you impeach him, you actually distract from his own record of failure, making him the victim instead of Jimmy Carter 2.0.

I’ve often said that Obama, in and of himself,  is irrelevant.  He’s only the latest “progressive” that’s trying to destroy the Republic.  Clinton, Kerry, or any other Democrat could have won, and we’d be still facing the same challenges that we are tackling now.  It’s the agenda that we need to target, not the man.  If we stick with ideas, people will see what a disaster the Obama Presidency is, and will continue to be.  Impeach him, and it becomes personal, and he can use his skills to make himself a sympathetic character that is being set upon by those “evil Conservatives that don’t want a black man to be president.”

Don’t play into his hands.  Instead, let’s send him home in January of 2013 as a failure-because he is.  Let’s also make sure take he takes failed, statist  ideas with him as well.