More Citizen Guns = Less Crime?

Food for thought …

+ 2009: gun sales up 25% over 2008
+ Murder rate: 46 year low

+ Guns banned in 1997
+ Since 1997, crime rate up 87%

We don’t want to make a direct conclusion, “but we can at least say this: There is no evidence from the U.S. experience this decade that higher rates of gun ownership lead to more crime, nor from the British experience this decade that fewer guns translate to less crime.” (San Francisco Examiner)

A resident of the UK commented, “UK citizens are conditioned to surrender, rather than fight back.”

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton & Obama are promoting a UN effort to simply eliminate handguns from our society. Never mind the 2nd amendment or US sovereignty. More “One World” crap from two people who have no respect whatsoever for our Constitution.