Thoughts on the Veepstakes

Charlie Crist (R-Florida)Pros: “Chain Gang Charlie” is the young governor of a crucial swingstate, a remarkably strong fundraiser, a crucial early supporter, not a Washington insider, and somewhat appealing to moderates.Cons: Christian conservatives remain bitter about his (lack of) performance in the Terri Schiavo debacle and his personal life remains controversial, with allegations of homosexuality being spread.Thoughts: Governor Crist is a good governor and a strong veep candidate, but the fact is that his personal life may be too controversial.

Joe Lieberman (ID-Connecticut)Pros:Cons:A Scoop Jackson liberal, turns off the conservative Republican base. What else is there to say?Thoughts:

Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts)Pros: A popular blue-stater with high name recognition who split the conservative vote, a long list of executive corporate experience, and aid in tough states like Michigan and suprisingly, Massachusetts.Cons: A talent for flipflopping reminescent of another past presidential candidate from Massachusetts, his Mormonism, and his proudest accomplishment (a big-government health care system implemented in Massachusetts).Thoughts: Romney and McCain don’t like each other, but he does have some reasonable pros. Unfortuanately, he carries a great deal of baggage. My guess is that Romney is a top tier candidate but will fail in the end.Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana)Pros: An extraordinarily popular governor with a 98% rating from the ACU, he is “pro-life in all circumstances” and according to Rush Limbaugh, the “next Ronald Reagan”. Only 37, placing the first Asian-American on the ticket might just stop the flow of the segment (disclaimer: I am in fact a Chinese-American) toward Obama in particular and Democrats in general. A good humored man who has a connection with religious conservatives (the governor is a devout Catholic), Jindal could send a racial minority to the White House without having to elect a liberal extremist.Cons: Too “young and experienced” (actually though ten years younger, he has ten times more executive experience).Thoughts: He is the man to beat! Governor Jindal would make a fine veep and a terrific future President, not to mention that it would negate a great deal of Obama’s “change”.

Haley Barbour (R-Mississippi)Pros: Popular, conservative, and decidedly more partisan, he was RNC Chair during the 94′ takeover and remains popular with the establishment. Further, he may have been the only official who showed grace and effectiveness during the Katrina debacle (compare with Michael Brown, Kathleen Blanco, and Ray Nagin).Cons; Formerly the most influential lobbyist in Washington, doesn’t add any states.Thoughts: Jindal, but with baggage.

Mark Sanford (R-South Carolina)Pros: A reformist governor who has fought hard for change, Sanford is a solid conservative, younger but more experienced than Obama, and one of the few Revolutionaries who actually kept their term limits promise.Cons: Lives on a plantation, wouldn’t help in the battleground states.

End Line: Jindal for Veep! The Governor has little baggage and has been extraodinarily effective. Bobby Jindal for Vice-President! Who wouldn’t like a McCain-Jindal ticket?