Biden VS ?

Why did Barack Obama choose Joe BidenTo be his running mate ?Its very odd that a candidate whose wholeCampaign has been about bringing something new to WashingtonA guy that’s articulate bright new and clean and a good looking guyPicks Joe Biden who’s been in the senate 35 years So much forNew. The Obama Biden ticket just shows how stupid liberalsAre, Nominate a Presidential Candidate with No ExperienceAnd then nominate a vice presidential candidate with more experience than Any president in history practically. The Media seams to pushing this ideaThat Biden will bring foreign policy experience to the ticket.Which if that’s true Why nominate barack obama for president instead ofJoe Biden ? The Republicans now face the issue of who to nominate For vice president certainly it would be hard to find someone who would match Biden In experience. So just exactly what are our options ?

Mitt Romney,Tim Pawlenty,Joe Lieberman,Charlie Cirst, and Bobby JindalAre just a few names floted around

Charlie Crist has only served 1 ½ years as governor of florida so his record failsIn compareisen to bidens

Tim Pawlenty is in his Second term as Governor of minisota Problem is hes not known for anything rlly

Joe Lieberman certainly has experience but would make conservatives angryAnd probably hand the presidency to obama

Bobby Jindal dosent want the job and he dosent really have a lot of experience

Now there is most likely no way we will match Joe Biden in foreign policy experienceSo we must look to the economy where obama dosent really have any experience and neither dos biden so what our options for ecnomicaly strong candidates

Mitt Romney is probably our only option in this area All tho conservative may have slight problems with the McCain Romney ticketWe really don’t have any other options that would help us at all

Carly Fiorina failed as CEO of Hewelett Packard Why we would pick her idk

Rob Portman dosent want the job

Meg Whittman CEO of Ebay and opposite of Fiorina she was quite SucessfulShe dosent have political experience tho so she would probably lose debates to Biden.Romney currently is the best option if the republicans hope to win come election day