It’s Saturday: Mitch McConnell STILL must go...

I tend often to be subtle, looking for nuance and craftiness. One of life’s joys —to me, at least— is sizing up a situation, and finding the creative, untested solution.

But, life has likewise taught me the less-subtle lesson that nuance and subtly can waste precious time, and the effort at creativity is lost on Rube Goldberg contraptions —when a sledgehammer is appropriate.

Mitch McConnell must go as Republican Leader in the US Senate.

I wrote the exact same thing in a diary yesterday. I do so again today. The urgency to remove the tired, old, ineffectual, moss-covered hide-bound Republican Leadership has never been more accute.

These people —people like Mitch McConnell— have wasted the 11,284 days since the end of the Reagan Presidency trying to make Republicanism kinder and gentler— when all THAT’S done is embolden the enemies of Americanism to the point that Mordor’s Black Gate has opened, and the Orcs of progressivism have catastrophically flooded the land with their toxin. The Visigoths are over The Wall.

Today we wake up in land that couldn’t be envisioned thirty days ago, let alone thirty years ago: Business owners are thrown in jail for wanting to transact legal business, and child murderers are set free so they don’t catch a virus that’s 99% survivable. A “free” people have been so terrified into submission they cannot breathe free air without a Chinese-made face diaper plastered on their saddened, angry countenance. If they have the temerity to attempt to do so, anyway, their neighbors and acquaintances rat them out in a manner in which the KGB would be proud.

Because it has become unmoored from its Judeo-Christian heritage, the broader culture now accepts as gospel that government —rather than a loving God—can somehow magically engineer all desirable outcomes through force and coercion: from somehow stopping a virus that’s seeped into every corner of the globe, to changing the weather by choosing the right shopping bag, to eliminating access to digital platforms and resources because they deem the free exchange of parlance to somehow be disinformative. In the old days, the Soviets cut the phone lines to keep the “spread of disinformation” at bay.  Today the Soviets at Big Tech salivate at this prospect, banning people for the same reason: Their own “safety”— as if these tyrants can engineer perfect public safety in a world that contains seven billion human hearts…

…and Mitch McConnell was an ineffective, marble-mouthed technocrat in the last century, wholey unfit to inspire and lead when the oceans of public discontent looked like a still and infinite mill-pond compared to the roiling, crashing seas of Right Now. He didn’t understand the stakes when Tom Daschele was piddling on the carpets and nipping at the heels of Dick Cheney. And he certainly has ZERO clue of the forces arrayed against his very way of life right now.

He demonstrated this by ham-handedly making his first choice after the November Election of legislative priority the passing of more visa entries for foreign-born IT workers, when America is still suffering sky-high unemployment. Mitch doubled down on this stupidity by larding up untold trillions of dollars to rescue his K-Street pultocratic constituency in the latest “coronavirus” “stimulus” bill, but in his detached and bizarre mumbling cutting off additional relief to average Americans paralyzed by ongoing moronic Government policy.

Mitch McConnell is a disaster for the Republic. He cannot communicate, he cannot fight, he cannot tell good from better, and he’s simply a transactional wheeler-dealer. At a time when we need Horatius At The Gate we have Gillian at the wheel.

We need new, strong, unapologetic, fierce, unbendable leadership in the US Senate, not Gumby.

Please. Now. McConnell must go. Today, if not sooner.

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