Mitch McConnell Must Go. Now.

Not much to add to the headline, really:

Except, as my failing memory might recall that, when Newt Gingrich lost a bunch of House Seats 1998, the conference said “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out…”

This blowhard McConnell is, and always has been, an unmitigated failure: Stem to Stern, leaf and branch— whatever ineffectual metaphor you care to invoke. He can’t fight, he can’t communicate, he can’t inspire, worse: He’s never tried.

And now he —and he alone, sucking up to his K-Street “Conservative, Inc” hooligans— blew two completely winnable senate elections in deep-red Georgia.

And yes: Stacy “I Look Like a Cosby Kid” Abrams notwithstanding: Georgia is still Deep Red. You give the fine citizens of the Peach State a real, honest-to-goodness dynamic, Happy Warrior Conservatives, and they will win.

Give them milquetoast 70-year-old McConnell Bootlickers, and billionaire wives of politically connected hedge-fund managers who sound like a canned wind-up toy, and they lose.

The first step of throwing off the yoke of the coming Tyranny is to cleanse the party of the marble-mouthed losers: And McConnell is the poster-boy.

If we are to survive this, fighters need to queue up NOW. TODAY. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley— ANYONE. We need new, dynamic leadership.

Both of which are adjectives that don’t even appear in the same dictionary as Old Mitch…

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