Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in High Dudgeon regarding Shootings at the US Capitol... 60 Years Too Late.

It is now but a footnote in history, a Trivial Pursuit question...

According to J.B West, who at the time was Chief Usher of the Truman White House, the President at the time was living across the street at Blair House while the Executive Mansion was renovated— and was startled therein by a ruckus in the shrubs by the sidewalk. In rapid succession, Harry Truman also thought he heard a quick “pop” or two.

The President was upstairs at the time, and it was only after the attack and attempted assassination, some minutes later, he learned the truth: White House Police Officer Leslie Collfelt had been grievously injured (who would also tragically die four hours later) and that Oscar Callazo and Griselio Torresola —vicious thugs intent on violent overthrow of American sovereignty in Puerto Rico— had breeched his security perimeter in the unsuccessful  assault on the President’s temporary residence.

At the time, West reported, Truman was scarcely upset —let alone alarmed by the attack: “I was in the Great War” he said “I know what it’s like to get shot at. And the Germans were at least professionals”.

The attack on Blair House that November,1950 autumn day, was but only a corner of the broader plan to attack the US Government by extreme and violent Puerto Rican “Nationalists”. At the same time Officer Colfellt lay dying, four more thugs opened fire from the gallery of the House of Representatives, which, at the time, was in session, and open to the public.

Fast forward 71 years.

Alexandria Occasio-Cortez has been in excruciating high dudgeon the last 24 hours because, to borrow a phrase from fellow Squad Member Illian Omar, “some people did some things” at the US Capitol.

Mostly what occurred wouldn’t even make the high-light reel from Kenosha, but no matter. An unarmed American citizen was gunned down in cold blood in the People’s House; and that hadn’t occurred since November of 1950…

(Unless you count the bomb that exploded there in 1971, planted by the wife of a friend of Barack Obama’s named Bernadine Dorn; but no one was injured, and there was only $350,000 damage)…

One of the people that shot up the People’s House was Lolita Lebron— a woman often described in extremist Puerto Rican publications as “exotically beautiful” and “fashionably dressed” when she opened fire on the helpless Reps down below her.

She began her mayhem only after unfurling the Puerto Rican National Flag over the gallery railing.

Lebron (who died in 2010) is something of a Demi-goddess among Puerto Rican radicals. As a fellow outspoken Puerto Rican radical socialist, Ocasio-Cortez should take this moment in time to denounce all violence at the US Capitol.

Including Lolita Lebron.

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