President Trump Should Accept Eric Holder’s Proposal...

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As a movement, the extremist hard-Left Progressives are guilty of DUI: Democracy Under Influencers.

To Wit:

One of their nit-wits has a brain-vapor, and it is suddenly all the rage amongst the leftists— like the Teletubbies after the Magic Windmill blows: They all wake up the next morning with the exact same stupid idea, with the exact same stupid talking-points.

Now that Justice Ginsberg has shuffled off this mortal coil, having failed to do so in a dignified (nor even cunning) manner, the Radical Left, has, predictably gone into shuddering waves of uncontrollable hysteria.

Given how much unintended control the Supreme Court now has over individual lives in our heretofore free society, I can understand the sentiment. I felt a brief bit of dizzying nausea myself when Antonin Scalia passed.

But the left is utterly twisted with blind, seething rage; and thus, they are panicking like a twelve-year-old who just started a kitchen fire: whatever President Trump might do to plug the hole in the Supreme Court must be —MUST be— abrogated. By ANY means. And with as many F-bombs as possible without taking a breath.

So: The Brain (!) amongst that crowd belched up an idea that is now spreading like Covid19: Eric Holder, the gangster Attorney General and leftist Influencer for Barack  Obama has a brilliant thought: If Trump rams through a nominee, we leftists will pack the court if we win…

Donald Trump should embrace this idea, and raise it a notch:

When he nominates Ginsberg’s replacement, he should send up two additional names, along with a comprehensive plan to expand the Supreme Court— and the entire Federal Bench— and announce that this game plan will be Issue One after he is sworn in as President, and the Republicans re-take The House.

The Circuit Courts have not been expanded in numbers since the 1920’s— even though the country has more than doubled in population. And, the number of Circuit Courts has traditionally mirrored the number of Supreme Court justices.

Imagine two new Federal Circuit Courts, each entirely staffed by young textualist judges: The Eighth and (especially) the Ninth Circuits are far too big, and should rightly be broken up. And, it would match the number of new Supremes.

Alrightee, Mr. Holder! Great Idea. I like it! Now, President Trump— bulldoze it through…