Police Brutality, No. Government Brutality? Yes.

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Can we get something straight?

The assaults the American people have suffered these last six months against the basic tenants of free citizenship is breath-taking. Staggering.

Here in Michigan, for example, Gretchen Whitmer, who a mere two years earlier was a little-known back-bencher in the Michigan legislature —a Lilliputian’s Ball if there ever was one— has become a veritable Thomas Gage, strutting about like one of King George’s loyalists.

Apparently, the generally accepted understanding in America that people’s representatives in government have a say in how things are run and business conducted in their state is now quite passé: Gretchen thinks she can rule over her 10 million citizens without even so much as a dinner invite to legislative leaders. She claims —repeatedly, ad nauseum, Tourettes-like— to be “following the science”. Maybe; but she manifestly refuses to show the legislature, much less her plebeian serf-citizens WHICH science she is following: Joseph Mengele’s, perhaps?

There is one thing it’s quite clear she is NOT following, and that’s the constitution(s)— both of the State of Michigan, and the United States.

In a land Of the Attorneys, By the Attorneys and For the Attorneys, we assume that the various courts get to sit in unctuous judgement about what these various constitutions say, and so we await the rulings from these courts as if they were the Council of Niceae.

Except: We all know what these various Constitutions MEAN, and we don’t need the Bishops to tell us. There aren’t any sticky wickets about the central tenant of ANY of it:

Power is justly derived from The People. Because mankind is fallen, and it thus tends toward tyranny, this power is broken up, dispersed and diffused to three co-equal branches of government. One branch cannot just go along, whistling the Partridge Family theme while flipping everything and everyone The Bird. If this weren’t the case, why would we even bother writing the rules down? Wouldn’t we just assume some damnable Gretchen Whitmer can blithely come along and do whatever the hell she wants to?

Yes, there may be brief —VERY brief —interludes or emergencies where these basic principles may be suspended until facts and data may be marshaled. By its very definition, emergencies do not last in perpetuity. Gretchen Whitmer’s first executive edict that illegally suspended the civil rights of mobility, property, and assembly in Michigan was issued on March 10th.

That’s over a half-year ago. “Emergencies” don’t last six months. Tyrannies, however, are another matter.  Some, it must be noted, last centuries.

This is no joke. And, it is now a situation that is far more dangerous, and deadly, than the virus that rather lamely preceded it. The Spanish Flu may have killed 20-30 million people. But unchecked tyrants have killed many, many times that.

Gretchen Whitmer is now under the delusion that, because there is a black-letter ordinance from World War Two-era lawmaking, she has the authority to continue depriving free-born citizens of the natural, God-given rights to their freedom, prosperity, mobility and property.

Such authority does not exist. That she contends it does will eventually lead to violence, destruction and death. It WILL NOT lead anywhere else, eventually. The governmental will continue to brutalize its citizens, until the citizens rise up.

We may hope —and fervently we may pray— that such a course does not come to pass: However: where freedom of conscience, mobility and property are capriciously truncated, history shows repeatedly that the soil will be watered with the blood of tyrants.

Eventually. There is no third way.