Citizen Kanye

(Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP, File)

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

2020 May turn out to be one heck of a cautionary tale. There seems to be a rigor mortis setting in amongst the voters: Trump v. Biden, Open Schools v. Closed Schools, Mask v. Breathing The Free Air…

As they say: The Status Quo is the Status Quo… until is ain’t no mo’. Stasis can seem to be the general view, but we might be observing the future through the rear-view mirror.

1856 rather comes to mind. The Democrats —race baiters then, race baiters today— went around screaming that year: If you elect these new-fangled Republicans, a civil war is a comin’…

Of course, as expert merchandisers of self-fulfilling prophecy, such was to be the case— notwithstanding the fact that there would NOT have been a civil war if they’d simply admitted that black folk were human beings, too; just like everyone else, an image-bearer of a Loving God.

But, nope: Couldn’t admit it then, can’t admit it now. Back then the Democrats eliminated the “human” part of the calculus; today they omit the “God” part. Same party, same ideology, likely same result. Ho-hum par.

…Except: Kanye West. Despite a rather odd swaying in the cultural breezes, he should never be confused with Conway Twitty: West is a man with a deep moral core that continues to speak to him, now softly, now loudly.

In one or two Tweets (—we could call him Kanye Twitter), he’s managed to move the ball on baby slaughter further down the field in a week than the moribund Republicans have in fifty years. He’s actually GONE THERE: If his daddy had his way, Kanye would have been sucked into a sink…

Kanye said the silent part out loud.

Not an “unviable tissue mass”… not a “fetus”…not a zygote. A Kanye West.

To be sure: West says some remarkably odd and batty things— but, at least there is some genuine creativity (the Birthday Party? Genius!) and introspection in his stream-of-consciousness. Which is more than I can say about a couple of other candidates… one of which is barely sentient, let alone conscious.

Ala Rod Searling, imagine if you will: An election not unlike 1856: Where the Democrats scream incessantly and incoherently about skin tone, the Republicans scramble around like Irish setter puppies, and a Know Nothing —Kanye West playing the role of the extremely white Millard Fillmore— picks up the slack of the disoriented.

The Status Quo would no longer be the status quo, as 2016 preciously illustrated: Donald Trump won the presidency because 78,000 blacks in five counties in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania didn’t show up to vote For Her: They stayed home, and said to heck with this.

78,000 in five counties.

If a mere 39,000 do the same thing THIS year but vote instead for Kanye West, the effect is the same. Think of that. That’s roughly 8,000 folks in those states that could flip this thing.

Now, I don’t know where West has qualified for the ballot, but if it’s ANY relatively safe Blue State, that makes each a play possibility.

And Kanye West is a better entertainer than Charles Foster Kane’s wife. So there’s that…