Old White Lives Don’t Matter at All...

(Ed Kashi/Human Rights Watch via AP)

Norman Bledsoe passed away today.

His death was caused by two people:

1) Jaden Hayden

2) Gretchen Whitmer.

We all know the story of George Floyd. You’d have to live on that tiny island with Tom Hanks and his volleyball-friend Wilson not to know the Floyd story. It’s been omnipresent.

What’s also been omnipresent is the tenuous narrative that Floyd was killed by some sort of built-in and racist system that killed him. Actually, the facts seem to indicate that, at worst, George Floyd was killed by a single mindless bully entrusted with governmental power, and at best (albeit VERY minimally) because Floyd was a criminal that was resisting arrest. Racial animus has yet to be established— but, no matter: In the age of Instagram, we don’t have time for picayune facts.

But, regardless: we’ve burnt down cities, renamed pro sports teams, shot African American cops, torn down statues and engaged in a two-month-long orgy of violence in the name of George Floyd.

Meanwhile: who is Norman Bledsoe?

You’ve likely never heard his name. But, he passed away today at the age of 77. He was an inpatient at the Westwood Nursing Center in Southeast Michigan, outside Detroit.

On May 11th, another patient —a young, mentally troubled man named Jaden Hayden— set his iPhone up near Bledsoe’s bedside so he could capture video of himself viscously assaulting and beating the sleeping Bledsoe. Which he did, using racial slurs as he did so. Jaden Hayden is Black.

Several days earlier, Hayden had been picked up by law enforcement officers in Ypsilanti—at the direction of mental health professionals— as a danger to himself and others. While hospitalized he was tested for SARS-2 CoV19, and thus was determined to be infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Even though Michigan’s “curve” has long since been “flattened”, by May, Michigan Governor Karen Whitmer insisted on sending patients —like Hayden—directly into nursing homes to “recover”, in the asinine and grotesque thought that Michigan’s hospitals were overrun with Covid patients— which never came CLOSE to occurring—and relieving them of a flood of patients that never arrived.

But, still Hayden —as I say, an African American— was sent to Westwood, where he filmed himself beating the crap out of several defenseless elderly white patients— including Bledsoe.

I usually don’t care in the least about the race of perpetrators of violent assaults: they should ALL be shipped to Siberia with a package of rutabaga seeds, as far as I’m concerned. But, we seem all-consumed about race right now; and this act was both blatantly racist AND the result of systemic governmental maladministration and avarice.

We don’t know that race was involved in the death of George Floyd. We simply don’t. We DO know that race was involved in the death of Norman Bledsoe. However much of an incompetent boob Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is, he had nothing to do with Floyd’s death.

The blood of Norman Bledsoe, though, is on the hands of Gretchen Whitmer. THAT’S systemic. And racist.

…and no one even notices…