Happy 80th Birthday, Mary Jo Kopechne...

Happy 80th Birthday, Mary Jo Kopechne...
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She was an only child, so Mary Jo Kopechne cannot be remembered by her siblings. She never had the fulsome chance to marry and have children, so there are no sons or daughters to throw her a surprise Birthday Party.

No; apparently all that’s left of the studious young lady is the only photograph we ever see when her name is mentioned… which isn’t very often anymore.

But, eighty years ago today, July 26th, 1940, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Mary Jo Kopechne was born. I think it would be appropriate to remember her now, all these after-years later— and long after she died because of the negligence of a Democrat Party Grandee.

That Mary Jo could easily be a metaphor for all of us seems both easy and a bit shoddy, especially here in the late morning of the 21st century: hard-working, idealistically dedicated, going along for the ride, and ultimately snuffed out by scheming elites.

Over a half century has passed since Edward Kennedy killed Mary Jo, whether by malice or negligence— either case is horrific, especially given that she suffocated in eerie darkness over the course of an hour or so. It goes without saying that she would likely be here to enjoy her 80th Birthday, had not Teddy been more concerned for his own power than for Mary Jo’s life.

There is nothing new in Democrat politicians having complete contempt for human life; the landscape is littered with the human carnage caused by that damnable party: From their refusal for a hundred years or more to accept black Americans as humans, and blocking all attempt to rescue them —from anti-lynching laws, to voting rights, to anti-Klan legislation, the Democrats swim in a sea of blood shed by black Americans.

The list seems endless, when considered…

Lyndon Johnson, an evil, twisted megalomaniacal jackass committed the nation to an asinine broad-scale war in Southeast Asia for one reason only: to billboard his ego and fog up the political landscape to blur his “inconclusive” military experience during a generation of near-universality of combat veterans holding political office.

Franklin Roosevelt was enthralled with Joseph Stalin, and because of this com-symp worldview, allowed that evil butcher to enslave eastern Europe for a half-century, and commit the western world to a post-war arms race for which we are still paying.

I could go on: Woodrow Wilson, Orville Faubus, Lester Maddox, Hugo Black— each vile human beings who viewed the world filled with “lesser-thans” —African Americans, Japanese Americans, Unborn Americans— whose necks could easily be stepped on in their quest for unbridled power.

And, of course, the likes of Teddy Kennedy.

And so, in these days of petty tyranny sprouting like fungus across the land, all of it in the name of Public Safety, let us raise a glass and remember Mary Jo: no one is safe standing between a Democrat, and Ultimate Power—they will run you over.

Or leave you to suffocate.

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