Our REAL Top Ten Deadliest States for the Wuhan Coronavirus...

Our REAL Top Ten Deadliest States for the Wuhan Coronavirus...
Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

The Case Fatality Rate for adjudging the lethality of the disease is truly the most accurate: This is why the push was made early on for “testing, testing, testing…”

Well, now we have that testing, testing, testing…

…And we can chart which states have been the most successful in throttling the lethality, and which ones have not. Some states such as Texas and Florida may be cresting the hill toward Population Immunity. Some, such as New Jersey and Michigan (where there have been some of the most draconian lockdowns of free-born citizens) have a long way to go in term of Case Fatality Rate:


1. New Jersey  10.76%
2. Connecticut   9.04%
3. Michigan   7.52%
4. New York   7.45%
5. Massachusetts    7.39%
6. Pennsylvania   6.50%
7. Illinois   4.45%
8. Maryland   4.18%
9. Ohio   4.04%
10. Louisiana   3.58%
11. Minnesota   3.24%
12. Washington   2.86%
13. Georgia   2.13%
14. California  1.88%
15. South Carolina  1.71%

*Source: CovidTrackingProject.com

It should be noted that both Florida and Texas don’t even crack the top 15 of deadliest states (1.44% and 1.27%, respectively).

It should also be noted that each of the 10 deadliest states is ruled with an iron fist by ultra-extreme leftist tyrannical Governors (with the exception of Ohio, which is simply ruled by Mr. Magoo) who had as their stated policy to inject diseased patients into nursing and other long-term care facilities. Only two other states on the Deadliest 15 are lead by Republicans.

In Michigan, which has been catastrophically ruled by quite possibly the dumbest, most ideologically-driven Governor, “Karen” Whitmer, nearly 32% (2,024 fatalities) of all Wuhan Coronavirus deaths have occurred in nursing homes she wantonly exposed because of her grotesque and deadly reliance on bad data and voodoo science.

I think it’s very likely that the electoral map in November will parallel the CFR statistics: The more deadly your state, the more likely to vote for the dementia patient, ol’ whatsisname…

And this isn’t random chance: It’s because of horrific public policy driven by the same “science” that drives the “climate change” debate. And, it isn’t science whatsoever: It’s actually a form of “scientism”, that prioritizes ideology over hard data.

…And it’s deadly. VERY deadly.

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