What Happens When They Run out of Statues?

What Happens When They Run out of Statues?
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They come after YOU.

It should come as no surprise that the rebellious mobs rampaging ’round the countryside aren’t making the nuanced distinctions between statues of Abraham Lincoln and Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. To them, they are just dead guys from a long-ago past that they neither care about, nor understand.

That the Skinny Jean Brigades don’t understand the history, in fact, only adds to the legitimacy of their “cause”– at least, to the extent that such a cause might exist. There is now a noble aura around their ignorance. Who cares about the past, when the Future Beckons –right?

That one of the statues of the dead guys fought to preserve slavery, and the other fought to end it is of no consequence. This has nothing to do with slavery, anyway. The geniuses doing all the toppling couldn’t tell you if they were Army Generals, of if they were born in the 1860’s or 1960’s. They couldn’t tell you what war they fought in, what the outcome was, or if television had been invented when they fought. It’s utterly immaterial.

Why? The statues aren’t the target, the history isn’t even the target. What they really want to do is: topple you.

This would be a good time to recall the (thankfully brief) history of the Khmer Rouge, their blood-thirsty rule of ancient Cambodia, and that wonderful day in April, 1975 when the last bits of normalcy fled the City of Phnom Penh. The Cambodian Reds (which, or course, is what “Khmer Rouge” meant, more or less) finally subdued –although did not outnumber— the Cambodian Republicans, and the last remnant of sanity headed into the jungles of neighboring Thailand. The Khmer Rouge triumphantly entered the Capital City. The Citizens of Phnom Penh were at first quite thankful that four or five years of civil war seemed to be coming to an end, watching, as they did, the entrance into the city of the Khmer Rouge.

Most interesting in this age of “Antifa”? The Khmers came in dressed head to toe in black, brandishing weapons, informing the war-weary they had to evacuate the city for ‘their own safety”. There might have been no Coronavirus, but, there were “spies, subversive, foreign elements” in the city that needed to be weeded out. The people had no time to grab even a few personal possessions, and were sluiced like cattle into the countryside, first by the thousands, then by the tens of thousands. Within days, the great city was empty.

Just like in the CHAZ a few days ago, the foreign press were kicked out of Phnom Penh, or shot. For movements that always fancy themselves the saviors of the people, they sure don’t like to be recorded…

The Khmer Rouge had big, big plans for Cambodia. The first was to change the name of Cambodia to the “Democratic Republic of Kampuchea”– rather like the malcontents right now want to change the names of Rhode Island and St. Louis. The conquering Anti Fascists of the Khmer Rouge thought that there were terrible western influences spreading among the Masses of regular Cambodians (and, of course, the perirenal demon was the United States), and that Cambodia was supposed to be –at least according to their fanatical leader, Pol Pot, a pastoral, bucolic utopia of simple farmers, each with their own basket of rice, scratching out a living and worshipping the state.

At first, anything that reeked of Westernism was banned, and in short order, anyone who supported the enemy of the Khmer Rouge was exterminated. Soon, anything that even had the odor of high-brow living was also banned, and anyone thought to be an intellectual shot. After a while, it leeched down to killing the doctors of modern medicine, the skilled tradespeople, the teachers, and finally if you were simply literate, you were deemed an enemy of the state, and exterminated.

No one really knows for sure, but, the best estimate that nearly 25% of the Cambodian population was killed by the Anti Fascist Khmer Rouge: between 1.75 and 2.5 Million precious human beings were slaughtered. Just as the current Antifa and Black Lives Matter have a hate on for Christians, the Khmers had a visceral hatred of Buddhism, and they obliterated their monasteries, and exterminated their monks.

The Khmer Rouge thought the system that existed was thoroughly corrupt, and they needed to start over again. In fact, April 17 –the day they entered Phnom Penh– became New Years Day, and the calendar started all over again as Day One, Year One.

Yes, the “system” was corrupt. But, in human societies, what are “systems” made of?


And so, millions upon millions of Cambodians were exterminated, killed, in some of the most horrific and barbaric ways: Disemboweled, buried alive, ritualistically flayed and eaten… The old system was corrupt. The new system, though, was demonically sadistic and monstrous.

We hear that our “system” is “racist”. You know: “Systemically Racist”, right? Our system, just like the system of Cambodia, is corrupt, at least according to the agitators and Anti Fascists. Many are saying it needs to be wiped clean. It cannot be reformed. This is the mindset of the “Defund the Police” crowd.  Ultimately, though, the system is People. Plain old People.

When the agitators and the Black Lives Matter malcontents, and the academics and their Karens in the suburban cul-de-sacs  run out of statues to topple, and movies to ban, and names to change, make no mistake: They are coming for you…

After all: You are the “system”…

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