Michigan, and The Truth...

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FILE — In this March 18, 2019, file photo, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer listens to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., in Clawson, Mich. Whitmer has ordered a review of Michigan auto insurers’ use of non-driving factors to set premiums and their pricing of policies that coordinate medical coverage with drivers’ health insurance. The Democrat’s move Wednesday comes as Republican lawmakers prepare to soon unveil legislation designed to reduce what on average are the country’s highest car insurance rates. Whitmer says the state must take a “hard look” at how insurers set rates to ensure their practices are lawful. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

Is The Truth Obtainable in the Age of the Wuhan Terror?

My operational theory? It is– it must be. The Truth MUST be obtainable.

And, since I cannot depend on any mainstream sources to help me find answers, or depend on J-school graduates to ask intelligent questions,  I’ve had to do an enormous amount of digging, some of it from old abstracts, some from the current stats on hospital websites. Some from message boards. So, I plunge forward…

Michigan (like Italy before her) has been hit hard by the Wuhan Coronavirus. I’ve been trying to track down why this has occurred. Likewise, I’m trying to ascertain the truth about the efficacy of “social distancing” in Michigan, and the what the data actually is that was brought to bear on the question. Further, I’m trying to get a handle on the disease itself: how and why it’s treated successfully with Hydroxychloroquine here in my home state.

I’m also trying to determine why there seems to be no comprehensive information out there about any of this. For a nation that’s been asked to throw itself sight-unseen into a depression by otherwise unknown tin-pot dictators, we sure haven’t been given much information beyond: “Wash Your Hands, and Stay Home, Stay Safe!” and other unctuous platitudes.

The Truth: Michigan, evidently, has had an express-lane to Wuhan, China for nearly two decades. Previously, I had no clue about the entanglements between the American automobile industry and Wuhan.

Wuhan (an enormous city with the same population as the entire state of Michigan: 11,000,000) is the major automobile manufacturing hub in China; It’s Dongfeng Motors is located there, and the supply chain between it, the 15 major General Motors assembly plants in China (along with Ford, which has six, and Fiat-Chrysler, that has two) mean a constant flow of personnel between its engineers, administration, logistics management and coordination from that region of China.

Further exaserbating the matter is that Fiat-Chrysler (or, in Michigan, where it’s referred to as “Chrysler Group LLC”) has manufacturing facilities in Lombardy, and this brought it’s own batch of infection to Michigan with the same comings-and-goings from Italy as it did from China.

All of these circumstances had their confluence at one place: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.  Which had daily flights to Wuhan. And Milan.

Oakland County (which is jammed with all manner of GM, Ford, and Chrysler middle and upper management) has been especially hard hit: right now, there have been some 420 deaths there from the Wuhan Coronavirus since statistics first were recorded beginning on March 5th. It’s next door neighbor, Wayne County, however, has been benighted: Between it and the city of Detroit proper, nearly 700 people have perished. Oakland and Wayne counties, along with their direct neighbor Macomb County, account for nearly 90% of all the fatalities from the virus in Michigan.

Detroit Metro Airport employs some 12,000 people. Like all airports, these folks are baggage handlers, ticketing agents, security and food service employees. Almost all of them live in Wayne County, and a significant majority of them are black.

This accounts for the thoroughgoing racial disparity in Michigan Wuhan Coronavirus cases. And these folks should be outraged at China’s duplicity in reporting about the transmissibility of the deadly disease, and that it hid this information for a critical month or more. In the case of Detroit Metro Airport– this recalcitrance was deadly.

The Oakland-Macomb-Wayne County area is serviced by three major health systems: Beaumont Hospital, University of Michigan and Henry Ford. Additional Diary Entries will explore some of the research and treatment that have been instituted at these wonderful facilities, and how they may be pointing a way out…