There are 3,007 Counties in the US; Guess How Many Comprise Nearly 60% of the ChiCom Virus Deaths...

AP Photo/David Banks


Count ’em: 19

Out of 3,007 counties across our now benighted nation, a mere 19 of them account for over 58% of all deaths attributable to the nasty ChiCom Virus. And only five of these account for nearly half:

New York City: 790 Deaths

King County, Washington: 146 Deaths

Orleans Parrish, Louisiana: 86 Deaths

Wayne County, Michigan: 56 Deaths

Suffolk County, New York: 40 Deaths.

Further: Only another 23 additional counties ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY have more than five such tragic cases of SARS-COVID19 mortality. The vast majority of the rest have no fatalities at all. Vast swaths of the nation have no reported CASES whatsoever –for example, almost all of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the land that roughly hovers over the vast Ogallala Aquafer.

In the next couple of weeks, can we please have some sanity here? When it becomes apparent to everyone that Sault Ste. Marie isn’t ever going to befall the fate of Wane County, or that Sioux City, Iowa is never going to become the Bronx, can we please get back to being sentient, rational, intelligent Americans?

I remember the early months of 1992, when everyone thought they were going to come down with AIDS: The hysteria was overwhelming– and it was fueled by the broader Media culture that desperately wanted the uptight, straight, non-drug using population to be infected with it, too.

Except, it never happened.

Can we please –PLEASE– take it down a notch or two? Right now, I think I’d quarantine a half-dozen counties or so, give the whole thing a couple of weeks– and see where we are.

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