Remember the Angst When The Government Gets Shut Down? Well...

(AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)

The sign at the Ellis Island ferry cue informs visitors that there was no access to the island or to the Statue of Liberty, due to the government shutdown, Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 in New York. When a dispute in Congress over spending and immigration forced scores of federal government agencies and outposts to close their doors, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island had to turn away visitors, due to what the National Park Service described as “a lapse in appropriations.” (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)

Yep. President Obama would rope off the World War II monument in Washington, shut down the Grand Canyon, and there would be breathless, tearful stories from CNN that the Evil Dr. Cruz had filibustered something, and the…


Oh, NO! That can’t be! The world will crumble, the bureaucrats might miss a paycheck! Thousands of rules won’t be written, useless White Papers will be ignored, bizarre studies about reptilian sexuality won’t be funded! We can’t Breathe Without the GOVERNMENT!! AAARghhh!!

So: Where’s all the concern when the entire private economy gets shut down? Where are the round-the-clock negotiations to open it up again? Where’s CNN and MSNBC interviewing all the Macy’s employees that have been let go? Where’s the New York Times stories about the tens of thousands of small businesses like hair salons and bars and restaurants that will soon be shuttered for good, unless things open up again. Soon.

When the freakin’ Federal Government shuts down, there’s 24-hour non-stop coverage, with the little crawler at the bottom of the Fox News screen counting the minutes and the seconds since the GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN! Sure, we all have a running tab on the ChiCom Virus Deaths bookmarked– but where’s the running tab of the suddenly unemployed?

The lack of economic understanding is breathtaking. Truly. Only a faceless, nameless goon like Ezekiel Emmanuel would suggest with a straight face that we weld-shut the entire country until September while he and his co-geniuses figure out how to get things humming again. Only a dip-wad like Coonface Northam in Virginia would suggest he can shutter his entire state until well-past planting time– yes, it’s quite easy for a man who gets a check whether the whole state crumbles around him to tell his subjects to bite it for two months.

All for a stupid computer model.

Yep– people die.

Every life, sadly, comes with a death sentence. As my Russian Jewish Grandmother said “…living causes death”. And she’s right: hundreds of thousands of precious lives were lost during the Spanish Flu, and the Hong Kong flu, and the Polio Epidemics.

But, back then, you could still go for a drink at the Bar after the funeral, leave a dollar for the bartender, and toast to the lives and loves that were lost…


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