We're All Discussing Trump's Big 3 Policy Proposals: Judge Curiel, Tarring Gold Star Families, and Shooting Hillary

Isn’t it exhausting running interference for Donald Trump?

No, no, no… Meester Trump didn’t imply that the Judge in one of his myriad fraud trials was incapable of presiding fairly because he was a wetback, a Chicano, a Latino a Hispanic (–when Judge Curiel was born in Indiana). He was simply pointing out that someone of that particular skin-tone might clash with the wallpaper. That’s all! It’s just that all of the Washington Elites and Media Losers took Trump’s comments out of context, and blew the whole thing out of proportion.

“…out of context”. I’ve noticed something about this phrase: Most people who use it don’t know how to use it, especially when applying it to a complete moron like Donald Trump: His word-belching IS the context– otherwise, without such lexicon-gargling,  it lacks context entirely.

No, no, no… Meester Trump wasn’t smearing a man, a Gold Star Father, who is mourning the loss of his son in the service of the United States. Trump was just playing 6-dimensional chess, pointing out that the man –Mr. Khan– was actually a Rhodes Scholar in Sharia Law! Trump just speaks like Everyman (for example, your thrice-divorced “Funny Uncle” who shows up in the same Camaro he’s been driving since 1982 late and drunk for Thanksgiving Dinner), and it comes out in language only Average Americans understand.

No, no, no… Meester Trump wasn’t suggesting “Second Amendment People” might shoot Hillary Clinton if all other avenues to save the Supreme Court are blocked. He was talking about “Second Amendment People” like he was referring to “Two Corinthians People”.  Trump was saying that people who cherish the Second Amendment might rise up and vote her out on her rumpus! But, once again, The Media (whoever the hell they are, in this age of every person with a keyboard and access to a comment section) are blowing it out of proportion!

The only way this disaster EVER gets fixed, is if we stop lying about what is going on: Donald Trump refers to “Second Amendment People” in the abstract, like any effete New York patrician liberal do-gooder does: They’ll take to the streets with their muskets and brown teeth, and string Hitlery up from the nearest lamp-post, if they don’t first wing her in the forehead.

Once again, this is a window to Donald Trump’s soul. It’s who he is.

And, once again, we will spend another week or so defending (–or lambasting, take your pick) the latest breezy ass-hattery billowing from Donald Trump’s mouth– instead of talking about the moral imperative of repealing Obamacare, or how the real unemployment rate is over 10%, or about how Medicare goes broke in 84 months (yes, indeed), or about Barack Obama surrendering American sovereignty –once again– to the United Nations in the form of Stalinist global “Greenhouse Gas” emission targets. Or anything —anything— of importance or substance.

Once again, we get to defend and explain comments from a 70-year old Frat Boy that are both defenseless and without explanation. Thank goodness Britebart doesn’t come in printed form; we would have lost the entire Manistee National Forest by now looking for enough paper to defend Donald Trump.

I will predict: After Donald Trump is thrashed three months from now, and the collective orgasmic moans of the world-wide leftist media is so deafening we can’t even hear ourselves, the remnant of the Traditional Moral America will do what it always does: Go back to work, grab the brooms and mops, and all of the discarded balloons and confetti, all of the Rush Limbaughs, and Laura Inghrams, Matt Durdges and Mike Huckabees, all of the crushed cigarette butts and discarded beer cans, will be unceremoniously tossed in the dumpster.

We won’t even look to get out deposits back. We’ll just move on…