95 Thesis (Well, 1 Actually...)

It’s Over. We lost.

Hillary Clinton will be president a year from now. The Senate will be lead by Majority Leader Charles Schumer.

When the ryegrass is tall next summer, President Hillary Clinton’s Nominee to fill the vacancy created by the (heartbreaking) death of Antonin Scalia will be taking a summer vacation before coming back to hear oral arguments in the fall.

And this is the best case scenario.

There will be no third-party options, no throwing this fall’s election in to the House of Representatives. There will be no saving the Senate, no miraculous Convention of States.

At the federal level, it’s all gone; The United States House of Representatives will be an impotent rump, our numbers dwindling as the rules get stacked against us in future days. The Supreme Court of the United States will be destroyed for forty years or more, the effluvium of which –the reek— will linger for a hundred years or more.

Don’t believe me? Google Roger Taney.

I’ve been away from these pages since before the solstice reached it’s apex. My heart is, quite literally, broken at the final death-rattle of a once-great people. I, nor anyone, I think, can rightly grapple with the enormity of this catastrophe. Arguments are now worthless. Trump is Bad, Hillary is Worse, blah, blah, blah. Social Media is a wormwood of navel-gazing bloat. Words are tiny puffs of air, insignificant, unheard wisps that diffuse into a deepening night.

Judgement is upon our land, and we are commencing a very, very painful, dark, miserable period. We must acknowledge this before any healing begins. This healing will not be for us, though. Perhaps, yes, for my Grandchildren, or their children. But not me and mine.

Donald Trump is a loathsome, despicable human being. He is a unrepentant, foul, chromosomal liar. He is an utterly corrupt mountebank. He is the ultimate White Rock Girl, staring lovingly at his own reflection. To describe Donald Trump as petty is to disservice the truly petty. He is an adulterer –proudly so– who has the stunning gall to call the forthrightly honorable “dishonorable”, a fraud-packed swindler with the temerity to call truth-tellers “liars”. 

ALL of this is true. He should be the object of every American’s scorn.

But he is not. Instead, he is lionized. Hell, he is the Nominee of the Republican Party. The Republican Party!

About whom does this say the most? Donald Trump?

Or us?

Of course, as the wise have said for decades, this didn’t happen all at once, inside a dust-clogged Hoover upright. Heck, you can make a very powerful argument that it started nearly a hundred years ago in Paris at 27 Rue Fleurusstein, where Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemmingway and Pablo Picasso jibber-jabbered about their Lost Generation– as if their compatriots were the first in human history to be thrown into the sausage-grinder of Lords and Kings and The Mob.

The descent has been slow, at times imperceptible. But, descent, downward, unremitting descent it has nonetheless been. It accelerated around 1965, when the siren-call to Tune In, Turn On and Drop Out was not met convincingly by the ascendant generation with Screw Off, Buck Up and Drop Dead.

The cultural levers were abandoned to hedonistic secular charlatans out of boredom and spiritual exhaustion. The new double-barreled Interstate Highways allowed the rightly offended to zip at mighty speeds to increasingly shrinking islands of normalcy. But soon, the rot crept into our new neighborhoods, silently, stealthily, into our colleges, our schools. The mold and fetid putrescence is now jammed all the way into the cable TV piped into our homes, reaching a final destination in our Hand Held Devices. The rot seeps out of our very telephones.

What once required a long trench-coat, a wide brimmed hat, and a circuitous bus ride into the filthiest parts of town to surreptitiously visit the Adult News Store now barely requires tapping the Favorites button on your Android. Like the word “is”, here in Post Bill Clintonland, it all depends on what the word “standard” means in Community Standard, I guess.

I would like to think we are at a Valley Forge moment.

…And that moment was met when Texas Senator Ted Cruz addressed his party’s convention –a convention he could address by virtue of his hundreds and hundreds of delegates alone– and was booed (booed!) by supposed fellow-travelers in his own party– by the mention of conscience and to embrace causes greater than ourselves. As I say, I would like to think it is an apogee, a pit of dispond, our winter at Valley Forge.

I fear, though, it will be more like Hitler at Stalingrad: Staring at my frostbitten feet, taking bullets for a despot, fired by rabid communists…

I live in Michigan, one of the states originally chartered under the Northwest Ordinance. Article Three, as adopted in 1803, says the following:

“Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged”

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to ascertain if we are in violation of yet another one of our foundational codicils.

You will note it doesn’t say

“A big jet, jumbo-trons, 20,000 hotel rooms, and a Carving Station, being necessary to good government and the happiness of conventioneers, billions of dollars, and the means of acquiring them, shall forever be enforced”

Rather, it puts three essential ingredients at the top of the list of acquiring Happiness (you know, like the right enshrined in the Declaration of Independence?): Religion, Morality and Knowledge.

Please, please note which one is first on the list –then second, then third.

As I watched (well, listened, actually) to the magnificent speech Ted Cruz gave Wednesday night in Cleveland, I was left stunned and slack-jawed, convinced utterly that a significant page had somehow been turned. The Brave were tarred as cowardly, the truth now nailed on the cross of lies. All while the piddling citizens of Jerusalem were screaming “Crucify, Crucify, Crucify!”

Make no mistake: Ted Cruz is no Jesus Christ. But Reince Preibus (or, if like Don King, you prefer Ranch Prejun) can certainly try on Pontius Pilate’s circlet. And, from this point, there is no turning back.

But, that’s not even the point: We could all vote for Gary Johnson tomorrow, it won’t matter. We could start the Great Principled Patriots Party and sign up 45,000,000 people by Tuesday Afternoon, and it won’t change a damned thing.

We are corrupt. We are slothful. We are cowardly. We are lazy.

Not as individuals (although I know it to be so in my own case), but corporately. What did we do in the face of Norman Lear exulting abortion in 1974 on All in the Family? What did we do when homosexuals took over the bars and bathhouses in San Fransisco in the late 1960’s? What did we do when Midnight Cowboy swept the 1969 Oscars? What did we do when the Protestant Churches started to empty out, never to fill again because of the thin spiritual broth they were ladling out inspired fewer and fewer congregants?

Like Atlas, we shrugged. Ho-hum. And here we are, fifty years later, scowling at Donald Trump, as he scowls back at us.

Can we claw our way back?


Religion, Morality, Knowledge. And, I might add, “Nearby”.

ColdWarrior here at RedState has been a (to coin a phrase) rather curmudgeonly about getting folks to participate in the local Republican Party as precinct captains, workers, and so forth. Fat lot of good all of his exhortations did us, eh? For this, I am truly, painfully saddened.

BUT: The ColdWarrior’s kernel of revival in our society is germane–

Just as the moral rot seeped into our homes over the course of a hundred years, so too we must begin the process of having the good, moral and righteous seep into the broader culture. Starting tomorrow, if we can…

Government and politics are downstream of the culture and popular, broader society. Where better place to pound the grub-stake of a new, virtuous movement than at our local school boards? Quietly, stealthfully, imperceptibly?

Over several generations. Just as the left has taken over the media when we were distracted raising the kids, and now the grandkids. Screw Washington. Let’s make local school boards the object now of our attention.

Religion. Morality. Knowledge.

…More Later.