Nancy Reagan's Last Words: "Don't Vote for Donald Trump"... UPDATE: My Bad...

As it turns out, after checking some more, it turns out the site is indeed a SATIRICAL site. I did my own check on it, and it seemed a bit, well, edgy…  But, nonetheless, I will point out that satire only works well when there is an element of truth

I knew the whole world hadn’t gone insane. I knew it.

Nancy Reagan, in large measure, was the single most important person (other than Ronald Reagan himself) who was responsible for the Reagan Revolution. She was an anti-communist in Hollywood before Ronnie was, and encouraged his blossoming political career in the mid to late 1950’s. Without Nancy, there would have been no Ronald…

Her last words? “Don’t Vote for Donald Trump“.

Oftentimes, I try to elucidate, or add my own frosting to certain events. I can’t do so here.

I can’t think of a better homage to the Late First Lady, Indiana. Don’t vote for Donald Trump