Hey, Donald: If this Thing is over & Ted is "Eliminated" Why Not Take Your Name off the Ballot in California?

Hmm? Just Askin’, of course.

You are Mr. Unconventional, right? Mr. Scrappy Street Fighter, huh? Mr. Tough Guy?

Go ahead, punk: Make my day.

That’s right, Donald– Just call the Secretary of State in California, request the extension for the Bureau of Elections, and ask them to remove your name from the ballot for the June Primary. There’s still time. Let everybody know how confident and (to borrow a phrase) “strong” you are, and that you want no more part of this rigged, unfair, Communist China-like system.

I mean, you’ve just asked a stunning rhetorical question: “Why is the Loser Lyin’ Ted picking a running mate now that he’s ‘eliminated’, and he can’t win?”

Well, just a thought… Maybe it’s because Senator Cruz can win. Furthermore,  I think you know he can.

Then, once your fetid, putrid name is excised like a melanoma from the California Ballot, you could lay back in your poofy monogrammed terrycloth robe, spend the next three of four months running a “Rose Garden” campaign, sipping sweet tea at Mar-A-Lago, watching the bunnies lounge around the pool in their Gold Lemaise Bikinis,  entertaining the beautiful people, and do what you do best: make fun of Senator Cruz and Carly Fiorina –while these two rubes traipse through the prairie muffins of Fly Over Country trying to track down delegates from Windsock, Oklahoma.

Ahh, the good life…

Then, once you’ve done all that, in a couple of weeks, just waltz into whichever college auditorium is going to host the debates with Hillary, revert to type: Thrash about like a cretin, say incredibly stupid and offensive things, allude to actually being a bigot, misogynist, and unindicted felon. Then, having  burned the Republican party to the ground, you can just stumble back aboard Trump One, and fly off to one of your mansions for a well-deserved rest.

It can all be yours, if you just take your name off the ballot in California. Heck, why not? You’ve already won, correct, Mr. Trump?