There Shall be One More Debate-- Moderated by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

From the Desk of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus. Or should be…

April 27th, 2016

Dear Fellow Republicans

In these United States, political parties do not exist merely as vehicles to advance power after power, or endure in perpetuity simply as entities of social inertia and stasis. They do not exist to pad expense accounts, or to lobby for patronage. Rather, political parties exist as dynamic human organizations, to advance a set of moral principals that ultimately inform a governing philosophy.

These principles and philosophies, party to party, are enduring and inviolable. They do not shape-shift, as a general rule, from one election season to another. Yes, we thoroughly discuss platforms, but the underlying world-view does not alter. This is why the party system in the United States has evolved as it has through the centuries.

In the last number of days, certain Republican Presidential campaigns have made public statements which run counter to our enduring principles as Republicans. First among them is our commitment to the sanctity of human life. The Republican Party has, since its founding in 1856, been the unwavering home of those who value all human life, and hold sacred the sanctity of a single human individual. This is a core, enduring principle of the Republican Party.

Also, we’ve heard certain campaigns refer to abandoning our core principle of limited Federal governance, and the important role of state sovereignty. The Republican Party, while supporting the paramountcy of the Federal Government, undestands that the Federal Government derives all of its just powers from the people, who have consented to convey this power to the states, and to the Central Government.

And, we’ve heard from these certain candidates that the United States should have an amorphous and unknowable foreign policy, one that simutaeously withdraws from, and then reinforces,  critical post-war alliances which would only isolate the United States in a manner that we, as a party, have rejected since 1942.

Therefore, I, as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, am inviting all remaining candidates to attend a debate on Monday, May 2nd, at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend Indiana. In this debate, we will flesh out the stand of these remaining candidates. It is imperative that voters in the upcoming and critical primaries have a clear understanding of what, precisely our candidates think about these, and other crucial topics, and how these views comport with the known values of the Republican Party.

This debate will not feature any discussion of the party nominating process, nor will it delve into personal issues of the various candidates. It will be strictly issues-oriented, and I, as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, will personally moderate. I’ve invited all of our broadcast partners to attend this event, but I am insisting that it be conducted in a manner that limits the interruptions for commercials breaks as little as possible. If our broadcast partners can attend, they are welcome. If they cannot, they must make the decision that best suits their needs as commercial entities.

Early in this primary season, we at the Republican National Committee made it clear that candidates were not allowed to conduct unauthorized extra-party debates, and that if these candidates participated in them, they would not be invited to any and all subsequent debates or town-hall events. This arrangement is a two-way street– some candidates have chosen NOT to attend RNC-sanctioned debate events, and have thus far suffered no consequence. This is why their appearance at our next Republican Candidates Debate is required.

Respectfully Submitted,

-Reince Preibus, Chairman

Republican National Committee