Can We Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Get Trump to Discuss Actual Issues?

It is my understanding that the Great Horace Greeley of Our Time, Sean Hannity, has had Donald Trump on his show 4,829 times. During this lengthy period, if I read the transcripts correctly, he’s asked the Great Deal-Maker:

1) “How Great Are You? I mean, Literally: How Great Are You? Not just how Great do you THINK you are, how Great are you really?”

2) “The system is rigged, right? I mean, if you have the most votes, you win, right? Isn’t everything rigged against you? Even though you have a $350 million dollar jet at your beck and call, aren’t you a victim?”

3) “You are literally an insurgent, right? Literally! And, if we don’t nominate you –after all, you are an insurgent— we are going to riot, correct?”

4) “Literally, you are running an insurgent conservative campaign, right?”

5) “Doesn’t it seem like stealing when Candidate A gets delegates to vote for Candidate B when they can vote however they want? Wasn’t it literally a voterless victory?”

…and so on. Snore.

It is beyond fathomable how we’ve run an entire presidential primary campaign, and the Republican Party Front-Runner has never had to answer a substantive question about real policy and his political philosophy with a substantive, thoughtful, one-on-one answer.

It is really breathtaking.

Interview after interview, it’s all about the stupid Republican Process, or about silly rumor-mongering, or who Trump has  called what name and with which current insult. I don’t care how many delegates he thinks have been stolen, I don’t care what Donald Trump thinks about Ted Cruz’ citizenship. I care about what in the blazing hell is between his comb-over and his ears.

I mean, after all, given Donald Trump’s awe-inspiring outreach to we Ted Cruz supporters, I’d really like to know what the hell we’re all supposed to rally behind once Senator Cruz packs up his skivvies and slinks back to Houston.

Can I please, please, PLEASE have some REAL questions answered? Please, Sean? Mr. O’Reilly? I mean, for us Folks?

I’ll help you out here. For Example:

Mr Trump: You’ve said that we have a $21 trillion dollar national debt because of bad trade deals, and that you would find the best people to renegotiate these deals, such as Carl Icahn. Number one: Have you spoken to Mr. Icahn, and has he agreed to join your team, and, Number Two, –and given that you understand the difference between the national debt and the international balance of trade– can you explain exactly, and with some specificity, how better trade deals eliminate the national debt? Take your time, Mr. Trump; we have all hour.

Mr Trump: How many bills should Supreme Court Justices be allowed to sign every judicial term?

Mr Trump: The tax plan you unveiled last fall specifically calls for no tax increases, and yet, just last week you called for higher taxes on wealthy people like yourself. Can you explain how we simultaneously raise and lower taxes at the same time on the same groups of people?

Mr Trump: Should Congress have the authority to decide the number of justices who serve on the United States Supreme Court?

Mr Trump: You are a big proponent of massive 45% tariff increases on manufactured goods imported into this country. Can you specifically tell us how increasing the cost of, say, an IPhone 6 by $450 helps American consumers? Doesn’t this just limit the ability of Americans to have the freedom of consumer choice? Isn’t a tariff just another form of taxation? What, precisely, and in specific terms, keeps the opposing nation from employing the same tariffs against our exported products?

Mr Trump: Do you support partial-birth abortion to save the life of the mother?

Mr Trump: You have said that allowing men to access public women’s restroom facilities should be based on how they “feel” about it, so as to not hurt economies in each locale. You later backtracked on this, and said it was an issue of states rights as to who should and should not be allowed into public restrooms. How is this a states-rights issue, when the process of selecting delegates to state nominating conventions is not?

Mr Trump: Do you believe in anthropogenic climate change? Do you agree, or disagree, with President Obama’s war on the domestic coal industry? If so, what, specifically, would you do to change course?

Mr Trump: Should there be mandatory set-aside provisions for racial minorities in federal hiring and contracting?

Mr Trump: You’ve often said you would build a wall along the Mexican Border. A number of questions: Number one, what will you do if congress fails to appropriate the money for such a project, or if the opposition party fillibusters your revenue requests, and number two, please explain how “remittances” will pay for this wall. What, exactly, are “remittances” as it relates to this subject?

Mr Trump: Should men be allowed to marry men? Should women be allowed to marry women? If the answer is “yes”, should a man be allowed to marry his son, if his son has reached the age of consent?

…we can wait, Mr. Trump. Take your time. We have all day.