UPDATE: I Will Be Praying for Ted Cruz Victories. Please Join Me: Sunday, April 24 at 10PM EST

God is Large and In Charge…!

Corporate Prayer (as has been astutely noted in the Comments Section) is a very powerful and mysterious force. I cannot help but note the timing of the “Deal” between Governor Kasich and Senator. It was when we were praying for a  Victorious Ted Cruz. There are some important things to glean here, I think:

Primary among them: Cruz has now won Indiana. The Lord is moving about the land, make no mistake…

*          *          *          *

I am not a theologian. Nor am I a pastor. I am but a lone, aging man here in the hinterlands of the internet who loves his Lord  –and his children, and his wife, and his country.

And, what country would that be, exactly?

The one over there…

… the one silently, remorselessly receding into the cloudy mists of Greatness Fatigue, toward a future of seeming heartbreak and misery and bleakness. The country that once stood athwart the vast, evil movements of Fascism, National Socialism, and Communism in righteous might and fearful bravery. The one that stared down the missile-silos of Soviet Russia without blinking, without doubt in its national purpose.

The one that knew without, and beyond,  a shadow of doubt that the worth of a single, individual human being was worth more than all the state power ever mustered by the greedy hands of man. The one that knew this so resolutely that it fought a rebellious war against the strongest nation on earth at the time to enshrine that very God-given worth in it’s foundational creeds and documents.

The country that invoked the name of the Living God without fear of reprisal, knowing that He and He alone was responsible for the abundance, the plenty, the opportunity showered on its people for generation upon generation. THAT country.

…the country who founded townships, and cities and village greens platted around The Lord’s Meeting House. Churches and Sanctuaries and Synagogues sprouted on the frontiers before shops and schools and hospitals. And even though we tried to hide the evil birth-defect of human slavery at our founding, most people knew –they knew— it could not, would not last in a country that worshiped a Lord that numbered the very hairs on our heads, and knew each of us –white, black, brown, red, or purple– was fearfully, wonderfully made.

And so we fought a war to prove it could not stand. And slavery ended; at a very steep price, the bondsman collecting his toll for a century or better. And the blot of slavery was extinguished. The Lord, on His throne in heaven,  heard the prayers of those held in human slavery, and they were delivered. He heard the prayers of those held in captivity. And He raised up the United States as his own divine instrument to ease a hurting world from the scourges of totalitarianism, dictatorship, imperialism, and human-scented hatreds of all stripes.

But we couldn’t bear His gifts. For more that a generation or two, we’ve blithely tossed them on the cultural bonfire of human passions, depravity, hedonism, and guilt. I, too, have done this…

I see the damage this has done in my own life, my own neighborhood, my own sphere. And while I do not rend my garments as perhaps I should, I know it is wrong, and I’ve done nothing –nothing, nothing of effect— about it. But, God’s Word says it’s not too late.

2 Chronicles 7:14

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We’ve read these words often enough. It’s been said that when Ronald Reagan took the presidential Oath of Office, the Bible he used was opened to this passage, so strongly did he believe in the power which was ascribed therein. Ted Cruz offered them again in his victory speech on the night he won the Iowa Caucuses, as well.

These words are the most powerful arrows in our rapidly-depleting quiver.

Humble ourselves. Pray. Seek His Face. Turn from our wicked ways.

The words were written down in a simple cadence and order: Humble, Pray, Seek and Turn. And He will hear.

…and so, I will start at the beginning: With Prayer.

This Sunday, at 10PM, I will retreat to my own place of quietude, my own prayer closet. And I will pray a simple prayer… Something along the lines of…

Dearest Lord… I humble myself before you, and ask, if it be Your will, that You breathe –through the power of divine inspiration– the kernel of thought in the minds and hearts of my countrymen to vote for Senator Ted Cruz in those locales where they are still able to do so in the fast approaching presidential primary elections. I ask, Dear Lord, that You open the hearts and minds of my fellow countrymen and women who may be supporting other candidates, to see that Senator Cruz is a good man, a man who clearly, lovingly invokes Your providential guidance, and Your infinite love and wisdom; And that he would make a Good President for his Fellow Citizens.

You alone, dear Lord, can bring about the intellectual and spiritual revival this nation so desperately needs. Please pull us back from the abyss. If it it be Your will, Dearest Lord, I ask that this process begin with victory after electoral victory for Senator Ted Cruz.

I ask all of this, Dear Jesus, in your name. Amen.

As I say, I will be alone. But, if we are Two or More gathered in his name, the power is all the more…

Please know, also, my dearest Jewish brothers and sisters, that God of Abraham, who hovered about the Great Tent –a tent lovingly crafted by His design and His instruction, is the awesome Living God to whom I pray. He hovered above the waters, He sent Moses down from his meeting with Him in a state of such radiance that the people could not bear the Light. He fed His people with a morning dew that hardened into manna, and kept them alive for two generations before they could enter the Promised Land…

It is in this manner that he has kept us alive. And in keeping with this awesome history, I know –I know— the power of people who call on Him, and plaintively, humbly, ask. This power –the only real power that sustains and exists– can beat any foe arrayed against us.

Please join me in my simple prayer request…