Patrolling Muslim Neighborhoods with Ted Cruz...

Break out the channel-locks and vice-grips: Some panties on the Glitterati Left are so all a-twist that they might never be unravelled.

For those who missed it the sand-storm of non-stop Donald Trump Coverage, Ted Cruz —the loser— was actually discussing policy. I know, I know– creepy, isn’t it?

In this age of restive youths who all seem to have “Mohammad” somewhere in their nom de plume, Senator Cruz suggested it might be wise to keep an ear to the ground in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods, and have local police departments, you know, walk around and ask questions.

In earlier days, this was considered what was termed “rational”. In fact, Steven Sondheim wrote some lyrics to that effect:

“Gee, Officer Krupke
What are we to do?
Gee, Officer Krupke
Krup you! “

Ah, yes. Westside Story. In the age of MS-13 and ISIS, it makes one rather nostalgic for the days of the Jets and the Sharks.

But, I have news for all of the pearl-clutchers and hanky-wringers over at the ACLU: Our neighborhoods are already heavily patrolled by officers with explicit police powers they seem to apply both perniciously and completely at random. They often do so in  an anti-constitutional manner. These law-enforcement brutes skulk about, secreted amongst the population,  their ears to the wall with a Dixie Cup,

It happens already, every day, to Muslims.

…That it also happens to Catholics and Presbyterians and Agnostics and, in all likelihood,  the Dunkardbrethren to boot is of rather less significance.

These cops make unannounced visits to their intended quarries, trampling constitutional rights, threatening arrest and fines and imprisonment if you do not toe their heavy-handed, authoritarian line.

The evidence for such Bull Conner type behavior? Well…

Have you noticed the latest fashion statement at McDonalds? In many jurisdictions, this season’s must-have is the Beard Net. And, if you don’t have one, or, that is to say, if your employees aren’t wearing them –as the owner of the restaurant– you can be fined thousands of dollar or hauled away in 30 days if every bestubbled man in your employ isn’t donning a Beard Net.

Also: Have you spied the plaques in the bathrooms of the local Applebees? “Team Members Must wash hands after using the Restrooms”. Guess what happens if that little sign isn’t posted? The Officer Krupkes over at the Agriculture or Health Department waltz in, slap you with a notice –and, if in 30 days the damned sign isn’t up telling the employees to wash their friggin’ hands it’s Off To the Gulag for you!

As a business owner who must contend with the suffocating effects of the regulatory state, I can tell you first hand: The cops are already snooping around your junk– and on top of it, inside of it, in back of it, wherever. Most Americans would be astonished to witness the harassment by the local constabulary. AND they are doing it to Muslims– and, as I say, Methodists and Jews and Wiccans alike.

We don’t often mention the minority group that is oppressed daily by these cudgel-wielding, authoritarian practices:

Business owners.

Part of my business is food manufacturing: We thus have licensure from the United States Department of Agriculture, including their Food Safety and Labeling divisions. The local Council of Governments regularly checks out our effluent. The State and Local Health Departments stumble around with their test-strips, counting hand-wash stations. Of course, because we have the audacity to hire people, we are visited by both OSHA and MiOSHA. Our parking lots are regularly inspected by township zoning enforcement. The Internal Revenue Service sends us weekly love-letters, and we respond with our protection money.

And on, and on, and on.

I know, I know. Those potential car-bombs and RPG’s wielded by enthusiastic adherents of the Religion of Peace (TM) aren’t nearly as problematic as Killer Beard Hair, or 1089 filings, or whether a bus-boy is ever more than seven steps away from a hand-wash sink,  but still: I cannot help but giggle when I hear those criticizing Senator Cruz’ titillating proposal to, you know, have cops be engaged with normal Muslims (say, Muslims that prefer to live to collect Social Security) to help them keep tabs on the more recent arrivals who sure seem to buy a lot of ammonia and fertilizer.

No, I really can’t say that I object to the bulking-up of such law-enforcement programs. Maybe it will take some of the heat off me, and the government’s non-stop effort to choke the breath out of my private business affairs.

An interesting example:

I remember when one of the folks who works for us was lassoed by OSHA a couple of years back, and was required —required— to wear four recording devices pinned onto his shirt to capture decibel levels at his work station for two solid days.

Of course, they found out that, yes, he could have worn the hearing protection we provide, but he preferred to listen to his IPod.

Eh, whatever. The bureaucrat that was taking the data was a nice guy, and he hung out for a week or so in our little shop. He dutifully filled out his voluminous forms, and arranged them neatly in his aluminum briefcase with his other bureaucrat-tools.  It was interesting, though, that the following week –I’m sure, a mere co-inky-dink– we were audited by the Unemployment Compensation people. Again, everything was in order– but, it was harassment, plain a simple.

You have a nice place here. Shame if anything ever happened to it…

We are a harassed, maligned, stereotyped minority group. And often, we sit next to you at the movie theater, buy our groceries where you buy your groceries. We attend the same mosques and synagogues and churches as you. We are business owners…. Often, we are Muslims.

…and Episcopalians, and Lutherans, and Eastern Orthodox. And we are under constant surveillance.