Screwtape's Letters from the Trump Campaign...

My Dear Wormwood,  *

It was very refreshing to hear that your patient had recently become “confused” about the various terms being thrown around to describe what it means to believe in personal liberty. I especially like it when this confusion can be framed as Mere Conservatism. If any modifier can be attached to “conservative”, the more it helps our cause.

I especially enjoy Mr. Trump’s use of the highly fashionable “Common Sense Conservative”, for this competes with its obvious antithesis: “Non Sense Conservatism”. These modifiers (we well remember when “compassionate conservatism” was all the rage!) are good for our side, in that they dilute and confuse the meaning of liberty. The further your patient remains from the dangers of true liberty, the more he can be counted on to support Mr. Trump.

For instance, you might want to try to further conflate in his mind the two terms “Republican” and “Conservative”. I hear that the creature knows that one of his favorite Presidents was both a “Republican” and a “Conservative”, and this makes for good building material in his political home– this way, the two might become synonymous in his heart and mind, and the two can be more easily confused. That a Republican can be both “liberal” and “conservative” is only muddying the waters, so to speak, so don’t allow those two words to be used together in your patient’s ear.  The less clear, the more he can be called upon to reject them both, if and when the time comes.

Never forget, Wormwood, that Mr. Trump is safely in our Father’s House, and that the goal is to bring that measure of safety to all who consider voting. Voters should never be allowed to think that an election is about their own stake in the overall culture, or governing system. You must do what you can to reinforce his own sense of personal slight if his own chosen candidate is attacked– that he will take that attack personally, and stop him from listening to any argumentation.

I once had a patient (a once-strong Huckabee supporter), who fancied himself both a Christian and a highly educated man. But, I was able to persuade him that his support of Governor Huckabee was actually more than just a mere logical choice: It was a personal bit of self realization. I did this by first getting Glubose to encourage his wife to harangue him about his support for Mr. Huckabee, and I would get her to needle him about his choice. This redounded to him as a bit of hurt ego, which was meant to be taken personally, which he did. Argumentation became argument, and the twain shall never meet.

Thus, when the time came for Huckabee to quit his campaign, it was quite simple to get my man to go with Mr. Trump. His ego was restored because Mr. Trump offered absolution for his bruised sense of manhood. Argumentation, logical thought-ways, and reflective mood must be avoided at all costs! Your patient must be encouraged, at least for now, to be both confused about Republicanism and also be emotionally hurt when his political beliefs are challenged. The more you can make this happen, the more he can be counted on to eventually vote for Mr. Trump.

Your affectionate uncle   –Screwtape.


* With apologies to the Great C.S. Lewis…