I'm Chiming In Here: A Couple of Quick Observations. UPDATE: Cruz and Kasich Battle for Second

1) There is some reason that the Neil Bush folks have climbed aboard the Ted Cruz Ship

2) More people are STILL voting against The Nerf Ball than are voting for him. He still hasn’t reached a majority status win in any state, including Trump’s natural stomping grounds such as Mississippi and Alabama. His percentage totals keep dropping in Mississippi as the results come in.

3) As of right now in Michigan, Cruz is absolutely CRUSHING it in the western side of the state. I think it’s likely he’ll pull Kasich to a draw for second place, which pulls down Kasich’s  house of cards. The Mailman’s Son said he’d could win in Michigan. There is less than 1% separating the two right now, and Kent County is only at 6% of the precincts reporting. UPDATE: Cruz just pulled in front of Kasich

4) Senator Cruz also has done remarkably well in Ingham County, which is the main RINO pit in Michigan. It was essentially a third-third-third for Kasich, Cruz, and The Nerf Ball.

5) Something’s afoot in North Carolina, or Senator Cruz wouldn’t be there…

6) Marco Rubio is vanishing from sight. Michigan would seem to be much more naturally amenable to him, than to the Son of A Mailman– Rubio will be lucky to break the 10% margin in Michigan, and 5% in Mississippi. He ought to drop out before Florida, if he want to salvage his political career.

7) Cruz continues to “outperform” in terms of real votes versus the polling, and The Nerf Ball keeps underperforming.

8) The Nerf Ball is dead when the field is cleared against him, and it’s Him vs. Cruz. Today’s polling and the election results prove it.

9) Senator Cruz is beating The Son of a Mailman in Genessee County, which is Flint.