What the Hell is Going on Here? Just WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON !?

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions:

My mother used to walk out of the room after switching off “Hogan’s Heroes”. Her mother–my Gramma– survived the Czarist anti-Jewish pogroms, and the show disgusted her. Even it’s cartoon caricatures of Sergeant Schultz and Colonel Klink as buffoons, some twenty years after the end of Nazi Germany didn’t assuage her burning rage.

There’s nothing funny about Nazis,” is all she’d say after she snapped off the TV set.

Likewise, I’ve never found the Ku Klux Klan to be a matter of pithy office banter. Yes, yes, I know, Senator Session: Your appointment to a federal judgeship as a Reagan appointee was torpedoed by partisan Democrats, including the loathsome Arlen Specter. But, the ammunition you gave them is ammunition decent Americans never provide.

Decent Americans don’t joke about the Klan, in any context, or for any reason. Just as one would never joke about ISIS or Hamas, the Klan is no laughing matter. The Klan is a foul, racist, disgusting, despicable organization of violent butt-stupid jerks and malcontents. The Klan has always been a foul, racist, disgusting, despicable organization of violent butt-stupid jerks and malcontents –and most notably– democrats.

It was founded as a terrorist wing of the Democrat party in the un-reconstructed south. Shards and splinter, by the way, still existed in that South into which Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was born in 1949 Selma.

And now, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has endorsed the unrepentant and foul elite racialist Donald Trump– the same Donald Trump with the Klan-supporting, racial segregationist Father. Very fitting. Two peas inhabiting the same pod, I guess.

This Ku Klux Klan Krap is serious. Deadly serious.

We civilized Americans utterly, utterly reject ALL forms of racism in America– whether it comes from the foul mouth of the Black Lives Matter rent-a-mob, or the cuddly-soft humor in employee lunch-rooms. But, in the early dawn of the 21st century, we tend to think the veneer of this civilization is too broad and deep to be penetrated by the superficial news-cycle. But, it’s not.

Why? Some wounds are very, very deep. “There’s nothing funny about Nazis“…

There are likely millions of black Americans that have personal stories about great-grandfathers that were brutalized by the Klan, or a great aunt that was terrorized, or some other now-distant relative that was lynched by this group of sub-human bacteria.

When I think about the horrific conditions of black men, women, their children and families in the Reconstruction-era south, I am certain I would vomit if I knew the complete history. And, I would be racked all the more when I considered this happened in a nation supposedly conceived in the cauldron of individual sanctity and sovereignty.

That we’ve made tremendous strides –more than any other western culture– to remove this cancer from the body politic is beside the point: Yes, we all make jokes about different ethnic groups –including our own– but we don’t make jokes about terrorist groups or their victims. And the Klan is the grandfather of all terrorist groups. And David Duke is America’s answer to Abd al-Rahman al-Nashiri– except we haven’t seen fit to water-board the sniveling bastard.

…and that Donald Trump doesn’t know who this nut-job is affronts the sensibilities of even the most reclusive shut-in whose TV remote stopped working in the early-aughts. Of course video evidence has surfaced showing that Donald Trump knows full well who David Duke is– there is video evidence of Donald Trump doing the exact opposite of everything he’s ever said, the guys been on TV my whole adult life, in one incarnation or another.

But Senator Sessions? The timing was perfect for your announcement, sir, in support of the most overtly foul major-party candidate since Huey Long. And it points to how little progress we’ve really made.

I thought we’d progressed beyond the ability of carnival-barking, radio-active cotton-candied haired con-men to sway us back to the old antipathies, the tribal jealousies, the ancient hatreds. But, I guess not. I thought we were a nation of primarily good people that respected the image of God in our neighbors. But, I guess not. I thought we rejected the justice of the anonymous White-Hooded slip-knot.

But, I guess not.

It took Donald “Governor Faubus” Trump four hours to denounce the Ku Klux Klan. FOUR HOURS.

This race isn’t over, folks, not by a long shot.

Don’t buy this filthy story-line that once “Super Tuesday” is over and Donald Trump Does This, and Donald Trump Does That, that somehow it’s suddenly July 19th, and all the delegates have been counted. Once the benighted Donald Trump must stand alone against a single opponent –hopefully Ted Cruz, but at this point I’d settle for Lowell Wiecker– Trump will be defeated. He is despised, and despicable.

The more it becomes a point of ridicule to admit you voted for a racist, deplorable, fraudling of a con-man, the more his support will evaporate. Until now, there have been too many forces divided against this stinking political corpse. In a week or two, that will change.

And Jefferson Beauregard Sessions? WHAT THE HELL?

(Actually, Senator Sessions has been telegraphing this bit of political nitwittery for a couple of months. He had a senior aid depart his office to help Trump with nebulous “immigration policy” right after the first of the year. As I say, peas in a pod. I also thnk the great Ted Cruz knew this was coming some weeks ago, too. Don’t give another thought to the lead-tongued Senator from Alabama. Trump can have him, and his Klan jokes)