Beware the Great Trump Coalition: Anti-Semites, 9-11 Truthers, Bigots, and the Fluoride Poisoned.

There is yet another caustic bromide that bounces around the cultural landscape that gives me hives: When otherwise earnest people refer to a Presidential election as “this cycle“– as if, ho-hum, another four years has gone by, we can choose “Team A”, or “Team B” this cycle.

This is Consultant-ese, mindless jargon added to the Lexicon of Hip. The “Inside the Beltway” connected, the retained election-law attorneys, the private pollsters, the data miners, refer to “election cycles”, because what the hey: This four years, I worked for Muskie, that four years I worked for Brown, the next four years I worked for Mondale, and now I work for Bush. This cycle, that cycle. Cycle, cycle, cycle….


We are all mortal. Four years is four years. It is a presidential term, and I was in my forties when we re-elected the loathsome Barack Obama. I no longer am. When Obama was first elected, I had a six-year-old in my house. He is now in eighth grade.  The sands in the hour-glass run thin…

It is manifestly not a cycle. Cycles return to zero, elections do not. It is one-third of my little boy’s life. He will be half-way through college when the next Presidential Term reaches its fulsomeness. It is not a cycle. If anything, it’s more like a sentence.

Which is why all of this matters. Gravely.

As I said earlier: It is not blood sport, it is not merely a cycle.

And yet, when I read the comment sections on most news and aggregator sites, I am stunned —stunned-– at the level of sophomoric, adolescent, ignorant, and truly offensive thought that is tossed around, as if all of this is –well, merely a “cycle”, as if, come four years, we will re-set the meter, bleach the linens, and move on.

But, it doesn’t work that way.

Eight years ago, I could purchase –or not– which ever health insurance policy I wanted. Now, I can’t. Eight years ago, I wouldn’t have faced jail time as a County Clerk if I refused to marry two homosexuals. Now I can face jail time. My electric bill now includes something called a “Alternatives Fund”, that pays for sources of electricity that are more expensive, less predictable, and stupid. I can’t buy a 100-watt incandescent light bulb to keep my well-house warm.

And to read the comments of some Americans , you would be head-shakingly amazed that the only issue they seem to care about is who’s up in the polls, who is “lying”, where some candidate’s mother was born, whether or not this one is gay, who is paid for by the “Jewish Lobby”, and on and on.

Most distressing of all, reading this filthy crap: Too many (FAR too many) defenders of Donald Trump are dangerous kooks, at least in the safety of their mother’s basements, furiously typing away in defense of the indefensible.

I won’t provide links. I don’t want to increase traffic to these sink-holes. But, it’s gotten really disturbing. As an example, we have the putrescent Internet “Site” called “Stormfront”. Interesting place, that. Among its contributors are the esteemed intellectual David Duke (who has posted a thrilling video called “Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs”). I didn’t know that there were still places in the civilized world that glowingly quote Himmler and Goebbels and Hitler, but, there are.

Here is a sample from a bottom-feeder called Proud Anglo Saxon:

I see just one problem and it is major. From my viewpoint, if I had all the money in the world but would be overtaken by Jew values, then I could surely not like myself. In fact I would deeply hate myself for the person that I had become.

(He?) (She?) (It?) was evidently upset that Donald Trump’s family has –hhhuuughhhh– Jooo Blood somewhere.

A budding Einstein named Vikingcelt had this bit of genius when discussing Donald Trump:

Besides, the most destructive thing Jews are pushing for is White Genocide. If Trump stands firm on the issue of Immigration, then the worst that could come of him being “for the Jews” is maybe a war?

Even with the possibility of a Zionist war, Trump himself said that he would not have went to war (sic) in Iraq in the first place if he was in George Dubya’s shoes.

I think Donald Trump is worth any Zionist baggage, at least he hasn’t went to join the Jews in their humping ritual at the Wailing Wall along with Rand Paul

And this Pearl of Wisdom from some piece of dryer-lint called A Germanic American:

Doing nothing to even so much as slow down white genocide in America is the real treason. Not voting doesn’t help anything. Voting for Trump might give us lowered immigration levels. Even if congress blocks him on immigration, having Trump in the presidential bully pulpit would do a lot of damage to political correctness and the anti-white media.

And finally, there is this from ATexan:

Trump is not a conservative. And neither am I.EDIT- I should clarify that the economic policies Trump has put forth fall outside the range of doctrinaire conservatism. He does say he’s conservative with respect to some social issues. His foreign policy sounds vaguely libertarian to me. This is what I meant by saying Trump isn’t a conservative, which is a positive thing in my opinion.John Edward Bush = Juan Eduardo Arbusto
Arbusto is Spanish for “bush”
The jews run all media.
The jews run all banks.
The jews run for cover when you realize this.
Britebart has become an absolute cistern of filthy brac-water. This from a certain Dred Long, if that is their name:

Sorry, but the Muslims in Palatine (sic) have just as much claim to Israel as the Jews, even if your religion says different.

The only reason they don’t, is the whites in the 40’s backed the Jews and armed them, instead of the Muslim population.

God didn’t have nothing to do with it!

LOL! The hypocrisy has no bounds!

Trump 2016! Time to stop the crusades.

Yes, yes, I know: Mike Huckabee is supporting Trump –maybe birds of feather, I dunno. Bob Tyrell is flirting with the Annoying Orange, too, along with Jeffrey Lord –who has now sunk about twenty rungs on my ladder.

If we were all hoisted on the petards of what blog posts say about us, no one would survive. But, take a long look at some of the sites– or, at least as long as you can before your stomach churns.

THIS is the great Trump Coalition. Aren’t you proud that Mr. Trump is running for your Republican Nomination?

I think I’ll go drink some fluoride.