You Know Something, Donald? You're an Ass..!

If I hear any more cliches about “politics being a blood sport”, I’m going to barf. This is what greasy, unctuous types belch when they want to convey the sense that, being smugly self-confident, they’ve seen it all before, political fights are dirty, get over it, grow up, etc., etc. They are tin-pot King Solomons.

Politics is NOT a “blood sport”, at least, not in America.

In fact, our system was set up by virtuous men to scrupulously avoid bloodshed. These founders, these magnificent, patriotic men had SEEN actual “blood sport” in the fields of Concord, and on the snowy banks of the Delaware. They knew the stakes, and wanted to avoid this particular bondsman again.

What politics has become, rather, here in this once-great and mighty nation, is banal, churlish, idiotic, and stupid.

And there are certain people that have led that parade, this march into electoral banality: Mostly (and I mean mostly, as in 98%) these have been despicable leftists, the mind-everyone-elses-business-types. They are the liberal activists who churn and rile and agitate and upset certain voting blocs, one against the other,  by using the most base of jealous antipathies and emotional appeals to advance their own rotten ends.

They are the Occupy crowd, and the Howard Dean crowd, the Nuclear Freeze zealots, the public-sector union mobsters, the radical feminists, the “Black Lives Matter” miscreants, the David Brocks, the George Soroses, the Lillian Helmans. They’ve worked overtime to debase our proud, righteous heritage, and replace it with stupid arguments, raving emotionalism and populist gasbaggery.

This year, however, we’ve brought in our own ringer: The detestable Donald Trump.

Compare and Contrast: The Donald-less debate just before the Iowa Caucuses…

During that debate, there was more discussion of issues, more reasonable, thoughtful interchange. The “moderators” kept things moving along, the emotionalism was constrained to the urgency of the stakes.

This “debate” tonight on CBS was, was…. I don’t even know what to call it… Wrestle-Mania? I’m at a loss..

What I know it WAS, however, was Exhibit “A” on why Donald Trump should never be allowed past the guard shack across the street from the Old  Executive Office Building, let alone inside the White House.

In one breath, he’s telling us that he would “get everyone together in the Oval Office, be nice, make a great deal”, and in the other, he’s shouting at everyone, calling them liars and weaklings– apparently unaware that many of the same people on that stage are going to be the ones he would be “dealing” with. In another breath, he tells us –with a straight face– that his temperament will somehow magically change when he’s elected, and in another breath, he’s yelling and screaming like a twelve-year old who had his video game taken away for bad behavior.

THIS is what we are treated to when Donald Trump is allowed on the stage. THIS is what the whole discussion is lowered to with this vile, loathsome spoiled adulterous ass is allowed to compete in a process that affects the lives of my children. This wasn’t the fault of CBS, or their moderators. This was Donald Trump’s fault. He’s an ass– a Five Star, Gold Plated, Pearl Handled ASS.

More Tidbits from Trump:

It was George Bush’s fault that twenty Saudi Arabian men were in flight schools in Florida when Bush was governor of Texas in the late 1990’s?

Really, you loathsome piece of crap?

What was President Bush supposed to do? Fly like Superman from Florida on the morning of September 11th, 2001, and block the jet airplanes with his Man of Steel body? Really? Donald Trump sounds like some bad impression of Rosie O’Donnell, and uses her same insane, delusional septic splooge to expound on it. I suppose Trump will now claim Israeli intelligence wired the Twin Towers with explosives, too, and that steel just doesn’t melt at 2,000 degrees.

What a despicable embarrassment. All of this Wrestle-Mania crap on the SAME NIGHT we are mourning the passing of the Great Antonin Scalia. It honestly, earnestly. could make me weep for my nation if I pondered it overlong…

I sure hope that the heroic men and women of our Armed Forces were tuning in tonight to hear Donald Trump denigrate their mission in Iraq. Trump has joined with the most foul of liberals –essentially calling for your defeat under arms by virtue of your impeachable Commander-In-Chief. I hope you heard Donald Trump say that George Bush was lying about the reasons you went to war, the reasons you had your limbs blown off, the reason you slept for months in the ditches, eating sandstorm dust, and not seeing your children for months and years at a time.

Donald Trump, going on his despicable rant as if he were Howard Dean. Decent, honorable men do not act (in public!) like Donald Trump acted tonight. What a foul, detestable excuse for a man. Detestable.

Any more Republican debates cannot have this dandruff-clump of a human being on their stage. No way. Announce that Megyn Kelly will be the permanent moderator, whatever. Do what it takes. This man is a menace to my family, my property and my country. What a disgrace. What an Ass.