Poor Wittle Twump: Did the Big, Mean Weporter Say Bad Things to You? (Or, "Donald Ducks")


We are on the eve of the most consequential Presidential election in over a generation, and what the hell are we talking about?

Birth Certificates of candidate’s mothers, which candidates are “nasty”, which member of the Duck Dynasty family is endorsing whom, what Sarah Palin was wearing, and who can make the best “deals”, as if governing was like getting a better rate on a hotel room.

Thanks, Donald. What a guy…

By the way, Don, what detestable things are you going to call the residents of Iowa when they kick your ill-fitting pants-gusset all over the state on caucus night, huh? I can see the “tweets” now: “What do Iowans know? Such losers! BAD people, not like rest of USA!


We had the most talented pool of Republican Presidential candidates in years– young, charismatic, bright, knowledgeable, accomplished people. And this lumbering doofus Trump wanders in, starts belching crap about illegal immigration (–contrary to the orgasmic homilies of Hag Coulter, we’ve been hollering about sealing the damned southern border for most of my adult life –Victor Davis Hansen, call your office–, and Donald Trump wasn’t the “first person who brought it up”), and we’ve been sloshing around in his damnable septic tank ever since.

He’s not added one bit of substance to the debate we could have had. Nothing. Zero.

We could have been talking about how the utterly loathsome 2008 “stimulus” was built into the federal budget (it became the “baseline”), and that’s why the national debt has ballooned under President Obama. We could have been discussing how on earth we intend to deal with a budget in less than ten years when the CBO recently reported that ALL of existing revenues will go to interest, and entitlements, without one dime left for anything else, including the military.

But, no: We have to talk about who is Up, Up and Up in the polls! What is this moron Trump’s world-view? Can anyone tell me, I mean, beyond insulting and demeaning and bulldozing people that get in his way?

And now the big poofy-haired bully picks up his marbles and runs home because the Blonde Chick on Fox asked him a tough question or two. Poor Mr. Twump!

So, yes, Donald if you were a conservative, you would know that the press says nasty things to you, and about you. If you were a conservative, you would know that the mainstream news and entertainments are befouled with detestable leftists that despise you–; but, as I say, you would have to be a semi-cognizant conservative to know this.

Conservatives expect reporters to want to flay you alive, at least metaphorically– if not literally.

Of course, you DON’T expect this because you are a Manhattan Trust Fund Liberal in Good Standing, and all of your graft, er, “donations” have typically bought good press and public relations.

OOPS! Look what happens when you proclaim to be a “conservative”! Suddenly the press gets a little (to borrow a phrase) “nasty”.

Suck it up, you spineless bully. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it, huh?