"America" --as Sung by Bernie Sanders

Let us vote Sanders

We’ll marry our sisters together

I’ve got some Ganja here in my bag–


So, we rolled up some cigarettes

and started wearing suits and ties,

and walked off, to Bern down America…


“Trotsky,” I said as we boarded a jet for Managua–

“Mao Zedong seems like a dream to me now…”

“It took forty years to take down Siagon”

We’ve all come to Bern down America…


Scowling on the bus, getting all the right races

He said “The Man and The System had to die!”

I said “be careful, Robespierre didn’t make it much further…”


Toss me some campaign cash,

I’m a dirty old man in a raincoat…

We joked about the porn from fifty years ago


So I looked at my itinerary…

He read old Ramparts Magazine

And the polls rose over Hillary….


“Trotsky, I’m Old” I said, and I knew I wasn’t lying

“I’m empty and vacuous and all I do is lie–”

Counting on votes way up in New Hampshire

they’ve all come to Bern down America!

All Come to Bern down America..

All Come to Bern down America…

All Come to Bern down America!


(Author’s Note: “America” by Simon and Garfunkle has been one of my all-time favorite songs. Its meter is unique, the stanza and rhyming patterns are strange, the lyrics are very evocative and atmospheric. That this despicable old communist is using it in his campaign –and weirdly turning it into a hippie-patriot anthem –no doubt with the songwriter’s blessing–is one of the darker periods of this election season…)