Trump's a Plant

When was the last time a Democrat won the presidency on the merits of their ideas?

It is a very rare occurrence, and has seldom happened in the long history of the republic.

Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and William Howard Taft before the 1912 Presidential Election. (Clifford Berryman, from the National Archives): Presidenti Election, National Archives, Clifford Berryman, Howard Taft, 1912 Presidenti, Roosevelt Legacy, History Nerd, 1912 Election, Politics Cartoon

Woodrow Wilson slithered into his first term on a simple plurality only because of Teddy Roosevelt’s massive ego, and his splitting of the GOP vote with his one-time friend Big Bill Taft.  Truman’s second term (a squeaker) was won on the fumes of the victory in World War Two. Similarly, God himself couldn’t have beaten LBJ in 1964 in the long shadow of John Kennedy’s martyrdom.

Kennedy, in his turn, stole the election of 1960 in the wards of Daley’s Chicago, and Lyndon Johnson’s Trans-Pecos. Bill Clinton won (again, by a mere plurality) his two terms by virtue of the hi-jinx and meddling of Ross Perot. Gerald Ford defeated Gerald Ford. Jimmy Carter was a complete unknown in the winter of 1976, and by the fall of that year, Mr. Generic Democrat would have defeated the Pardoner-In-Chief.

Barack Obama was black, and rode Original White Guilt all the way to the Presidency. Nobody wanted to even hear about his policy proposals, let alone give scholarship to them when deciding how they’d vote.

Arguably, the last time a Democrat prevailed because of their power of their ideas was 1932, and Franklin Roosevelt’s first election.

In short, the only way Democrats win the Presidency is through third-party meddling, national catastrophe, or sophomoric appeals to an immature identity-political narrative.

Now: About Donald Trump. Frankly, I’m already tired of the man. He’s been an embarrassment for years. His take on private property rights alone is enough to disqualify him as a conservative, or even a typical American. He’s misused his wealth and power to abuse property owners in favor of eminent domain scores of times. Clearly –and his record is unequivocal– he favors the condemnation process to enrich himself at the expense of others, and invokes the thin tissue of “tax base enhancement” or “making things nicer” as his philosophical cover. He’s a developer, not a conservative.

When asked his conservative bonafides, Trump rambles and gives index-card answers. Index cards, from the sound of them, written by the most doctrinaire cultural liberal available, whose information about conservatism is provided by Norman Lear. Donald’s answers, if you weed out the mind-boggling superlatives and mangled syntax, are caricatures, and say nothing beyond “being great” or “terrible”. He’s no conservative.

He’s a plant, a sandbagger.

Who planted Trump? Oh, well, dear reader: I leave that to you. But, put it in the context of “who has the most to gain from a Trump Candidacy?” On the face of things, certainly not Donald Trump– and if there’s one person who looks out for Donald Trump, it’s Donald Trump.

A Trump Candidacy enhances only one thing: The Democrat Party, and their appeals to material jealousy.

No one better personifies the so-called “1%” than The Donald. He is the prototypical Cartoon Capitalist and perfect fat-cat foil to Bernie Sanders cardboard-shoes campaign. And, when he leaves the Republican race –which he will, guaranteed, when the time is ripe– and runs as a Third Party “Make America Great Again” windmill-tilt– who will benefit the most?

…The Democrat Party nominee. I don’t care if it’s Joe “Throw Up in my Lunchbucket” Biden, or Mawsquaw Warren, or Chippendale O’Mally– whoever it is, they will stagger into the White House on another gummed-up plurality.

The Democrats know what it takes for them to win, and it isn’t ideas. It takes skulduggery, and emotional appeals.

Donald Trump is fond of saying that he needed to donate to Hillary Clinton’s senate campaigns because “New York is a Democrat state”. Yet, at the time of his largest contributions, George Pataki and Rudy Guilliani were in office– both of them Republicans. Rick Lazio, I suspect, would have appreciated the help.

The Democrat Party/US Government Complex is the most massive edifice on the planet in terms of raw political power and broker of financial wherewithal. It will stop at nothing to win– especially when it knows what it must do to win.

Just sayin’…

So, Reince-and-Repeat Prebius, you have a perilous duty that I am fairly confident you are completely unable to fulfill: You must insist that any presidential candidate who seeks the Republican Nomination sign a written pledge to not embark on a third-party candidacy in 2016– and, if they refuse to sign such a binding pledge, that they will not be allowed on a debate stage, into candidate forums, that they cannot run as Republicans, and they will not have any resources available to them from the Republican Party.

Trump must be smoked out. Now. It may already be too late.

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