Don we now our Gay Apparel

To begin the long claw-back to American Greatness, a single Senator can stand up, and give the following speech:

“Mister President– I rise today to offer a simple Amendment to our beloved constitution. I am hopeful, given the progressive nature of this august body, that we will quickly pass this amendment, relay it to our colleagues in the House of Representatives, and send it out to the several states for speedy ratification. My proposed Amendment is as follows:

SECTION ONE: Marriage, for the purposes of legal standing under the laws of the United States shall be defined as a civil, lawful union between any consenting adult, and any other consenting adult, or adults , without regard to gender, sexual orientation, race, or religious affiliation.

SECTION TWO: Congress shall, from time to time, propose and pass laws to enforce this Amendment

I know that there are those among my fellow senators who say that such an amendment is unnecessary now that the Supreme Court has spoken on the issue of Gay Marriage. There is wisdom in this.

But, to me, the victory handed to our nation by the Court seems somehow incomplete.

The Senate, and the House of Representatives have a right, –nay, a duty– to stand up and cheer the courage of the United States Supreme Court. My proposed Amendment will provide this applause. Applause that will echo through the ages.

This decision was reached merely by jurists in black robes. Nothing is wrong with this, mind you: Our nation is propelled forward now by such laws. But, I think we need to celebrate this courageous decision, and add a final exclamation point to our advancement as a loving, progressive society.

How better to do this than to enshrine our progress as a compassionate, loving people in our precious Founding Document?

I will point out that any Senator, or Representative, who doesn’t understand the need for this amendment clearly does not fully comprehend the yoke of repression that our citizens in the LGBT community must daily endure– that they don’t know how quickly a court ruling can be overturned on every whim of the next batch of judges or jurists.

We must make sure that marriage is defined for all time simply as between people who love each other, whomever they are, and wherever they reside in this county.

Only an Amendment to our Constitution will do this.

ThankYou. I yield the remainder of my time back to the Chair.

*         *         *         *

For those who think I am kidding– rest assured: I am not. I am serious in the extreme. There ought be not the slightest hint of sarcasm or irony in the delivery of this speech. The proper papers must be drawn up, and the Amendment should have every opportunity to be voted out to the Several States.

Of course, this will never –and I mean never— happen. The last thing in the world the radical authoritarians like Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sander, [mc_name name=’Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000770′ ], et al, ever want is for the people to actually have a voice in the navigation of their lives and governance.  They want larded-up multi-hundred page pieces of legislation passed under the cloak of darkness, where citizens can never read them; they want their warped, misshapened ideology imposed by like-mind fellow-travelers who sit ensconced for life on the other side of the plaintiff’s bar.  They privately view themselves as benign totalitarians.

Let’s pound them with their own cudgel.

The debate over this Amendment would be precious: The Gay Hordes would screech that the argument is settled: We don’t need a constitutional Amendment. Oh? Would they want to deny the people’s representatives the opportunity to affirm, and reaffirm the Court’s decision? We yearn to celebrate our advancement, too. After all, the homosexual activists have been saying that the majority of Americans are in favor of this now –we’ve all become so progressive under the Great President Obama–  This will prove that yes, indeed, love wins.

Conservatives would point out that, hey, we just want to celebrate our progress! We want the world to see we are open-minded, hip, chic. But, lo! Look who stands in the way of allowing The People to celebrate their new paradigm!

Oh, no, the squeals from the Gay Activists will be deafening: Our ruling can’t be lumped in with polygamists, or the marriage-to-your-sister crowd. Our rights are inviolable. Theirs are made up! The Supreme Court didn’t destroy five thousand years of civilization: They simply advanced it! Don’t spoil it by letting The People have a say in this disaster!

Democrats would use every parliamentary guerrilla-warfare tactic to stop such an amendment: And look like anti-gay bigot totalitarian thugs in the process.

The best benefit of this, however, is that Conservatives and Republicans would come out the attempt as the proper conservators of the Constitutional rule of law, and, more importantly, as the protectors of the individual against the state.

And it would point our the poisonous nature of the Democrat party. And they would look like the grumpy up-tight, old, detestable people they are.




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