Can I Ask an Obvious Question?

If the recent “troubles” (borrowing the Irish sobriquet) in Baltimore were a response to “police brutality”…

...why didn’t the rioters burn down Police Headquarters?

A: That’s where they keep the guns. It might get a bit dicey.

If the excitable “kids” were “protesting” the “power structure”…

…why didn’t the rioters burn down City Hall?

A: Because this isn’t about the “power structure”. If it were, the contemptible Mayor of Baltimore should have invited the rioters out to her house to enjoy a bit  of “space to destroy”. Maybe set up the hibachi for a smart aesthetic touch.

If this is about “black lives mattering”…

…why don’t they march on the White House?

A: Because this isn’t about lives, or truth, or justice. This whole decent in madness is about extreme leftist (dare I say Bolshevik?) ideology, and fomenting violent hatred against mercantile capital. In traditional America, the redress of grievance –when it reaches a fevered climax– has always been targeted at government institutions (Shay’s rebellion, Fort Sumpter, Little Rock High School, etc..).

In Obama’s America, on the other hand, the target of violent Marxism is against private capital: CVS, and so on.

A Simple Fact: The President is Black. The Attorney General is Black. The Mayor of Baltimore is Black. The Chief of Police is Black. Michael Brown was 12 when Barack Obama was sworn into office. Barack Obama IS the power structure.  Most of the rioters were home watching Dora the Explorer when he had his first inaugural over six years ago. And extreme leftist ideology has had a stranglehold on Urban America for fifty years of more.

This isn’t “America’s Problem”…

It’s the Democrat’s Problem.