Of Geese and Ganders

Okay, okay. We all know that the Democrat Party media oracles are all shameless shills for the Tyranny Movement. There is nothing new in any of this:

We know they pour their ideology into whatever ill-fitting pantsuit (or Dumbo Ears) who comes along. We know they will guard and protect that ideology as if it were the Ark of the Covenant. Thus, we know they will nip and growl and yap at any carbon-based Republican life-form. We know they will bark jarringly inappropriate questions at right-of-center candidates in the chance they can snap a quick Polaroid of their tongues unrolling down their chests like neckties: “Mr Romney, Mr. Romney: Do you think contraception should be outlawed?”… “Mr. Paul, Mr. Paul: Don’t you really hate Black Folk?”

And so on.

Two can play that game, and it’s about time we did.

Hillarylizabethmartinbernielincoln are about to hit the campaign trail, or so we’ve been lead to believe. They’s all jus’ reglar folk, ya see, out flippin’ flap-jacks and sippin’ lattes and eatin’ Philly cheese-steaks… with their multi-car black SUV entourages in tow. The greenhouse methane from their gaseous oratorical uplift will only be surpassed by the greenhouse carbon monoxide spewing from the engines of their private planes, jetting from Des Moines and Manchester and back– all while excoriating us peasants to stop revving up the rickshaw so often.

So, while these lofty would-be philosopher-kings are out baby-kissing, we ought to make sure we get all up in their faces as if we are Savannah Gutherie interviewing [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ]. Shove the microphones and kleig-lights up their nostrils, and get some answers to questions, like:

1) “Excuse me, Secretary Clinton: Don’t you really believe that the home mortgage interest deduction is a form of welfare for rich people?” Democrats this election season will be tripping over themselves to out-“income inequality” one another, buffing their extreme leftist Marxism and preening for their kooks. If we can get this question shouted at one of these radical Democrats running for president, they will either be forced to lie that they would never take away the deduction for home mortgage interest, or they would have to agree with the preposterous assertion to assuage their base.

2) “Ms. Warren! Ms. Warren! Isn’t it correct that California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona really belong to Mexico, and we ought to be looking at long-term policies to return these states to their rightful owners?” Most people in fly-over country aren’t aware that it is an article of faith amongst the ultra-leftist professoriate that Zach Taylor stole the American West from the Mexican government (not to mention the Pima Indians), from our imperial war in 1846–  and that the United States needs to pay a heavy toll for this theft.

3) “Governor O’Malley, Pardon me: Shouldn’t Washington seize the money held in 401(k) 403 (b) and other privately-held pension funds? Aren’t these funds basically stealing from the overall health of Social Security? Don’t the $13 Trillion dollars held in these funds actually belong to the Federal Government, because they were set up as a tax-dodge anyway?” Believe it or not, there is a significant movement in Wachedemia to actually do this, and for the reasons mentioned. We need to get these extreme ultra-leftist radicals on the record supporting it.

4) “Hillary: Could you answer one short question: As you know, healthcare is now defined as a ‘right’ in America today. But, many areas of this country are under-served by primary-care physicians. Shouldn’t the Federal Government determine where doctors and nurse practitioners are allowed to work and live? It needs to be pointed out that these extreme leftist radicals –who define healthcare as a “right”– that, in order for a doctor to provide these services, they must be compelled (ultimately, at the point of a federal gun) to do so; which is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment to Constitution, outlawing involuntary servitude.

5) “Excuse me, Ms. Warren, a quick question: You are a champion of the environment, and of course you wholeheartedly endorse sensible curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, Shouldn’t we require all people in the United States who are contemplating opening a business with more than two employees to file an Environmental Impact Statement to prove they are not dumping carbon pollution? I know, I know: We shouldn’t give these ultra-radical clowns any ideas. But, we need to point out time after time after time how little regard they have for the engine of entrepreneurism in the America economy, and that they prefer Soviet-style industrial policy to American free enterprise.

6) “Mrs. Clinton! Mrs Clinton! We all know there is a minimum wage. Shouldn’t there be a maximum wage, too? Shouldn’t there be a limit on how much one person can earn?” I first heard this unreal, bizzaro-world suggestion from none other than Dennis Kookcinich. One of the all-time Greatest Hits of the far-leftist fringe– all of whom are now running for President.

And, for the Radical Left, the ultimate “gotcha” question:

7) “Mr. Sanders, over here– I have a short ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question; Do you believe in God?

The point is this: Every candidate for the Democrat Party Nomination in the Post Barack Obama Era is an ultra-leftist radical kook. He’s pulled the party over the extreme leftist cliff.– all of them. There will be a serious attempt to make Hillary look like the “moderate” of the bunch (this is why they are throwing [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] at the wall to see if she sticks), but Hillary is  every bit the Raoul to Obama’s Fidel. These people make George McGovern look like Calvin Coolidge by comparison.

Shout these questions (others will occur to y’all at whiles) when these fools show up in your town. What’s good for the Goose is, well… you know…