Navy Corpse-men, Attention! October is "Breast Awareness Month"-- So Visit Your OBee-Geiny, and Get Checked for E-Bowl-Eye

Dan Quayle misspells “tomato”, and you’d think it was grounds for impeachment. Sarah Palin references “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue”, and it clearly disqualifies her as a carbon-based life-form.

Barack Obama can talk about “breathalyzers” and correct it to “inhalators” when he really means “inhalers”, and it’s chalked up to long, grueling days on the campaign trail for an otherwise brilliant orator. Joe Biden can claim “Jobs” is a three-letter word, and he’s haled as Aristotelian.

Anytime the loathsome race-carney Al Sharpton opens his trap, and some asinine poison drips out, Chris Matthews starts reflexively throwing his panties at him in breathless, orgasmic spasms of ecstasy.

It is axiomatic: Conservatives are rock-stupid trolls, and radical leftists are latter-day incarnations of King Solomon.

The oft-reported innate superior intelligence of liberals is not only taken with cultural granted, but it naturally extends to their world-view and policy pronouncements– regardless of their utter, glaring stupidity: “Global Climate Change affects the transmission of communicable disease” says the uber-leftist medical “professor” and putative consulting physician for CBS, Dr. John LaPook… with a completely straight face, without the slightest hint of self-awareness of how thoroughly idiotic –and empirically so– such a statement is.

Global jet-travel, yes, might affect the spread of disease. But “global climate change”, and, by extension, which light-bulb we choose? Is this man insane? No, he’s an idiot, who says idiotic things; which in a normal, enlightened world would be met with stifled, sympathetic chortles– but in Barack Obama’s America be met with nodding agreement.

And that’s the real problem. Our culture is so completely adolescentized now that it cannot rally the intellectual confidence to laugh not only at Al Sharpton declaring October “Breast Awareness Month”, but at the fact that anyone CARES what Al Sharpton has to say about anything, given his laughable, clownish, fraudulent behavior at Freddie’s Fashion Mart some decades ago.

Similarly, Barack Obama doesn’t have the life-experience or the intellectual maturity to be president (“Obee-Geiny”?? Really?? Did the man ever accompany his wife to a simple ultra-sound when she was pregnant with his daughters?), and yet he is allowed to make the most breezy pronouncements about our American way of life as if he’s Pythagoras.

This problem is cultural, not political. And if you don’t believe that, I have an Intercontinental Railroad I want to sell you.



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