We Can't "Round Up 30 Million Illegal Foreign Aliens"... But, We CAN Find Each One of Them a Doctor!

…And also, we CAN lower the temperature of the planet by screwing in a few different light-bulbs.

We can’t build a simple, impermeable fence along the Southern Border, But we CAN cut down the number of hurricanes by firing a few thousand coal-miners.

Why do we so readily accept the out-right lunacy of the radical Left? Think of what the Left tells us we CAN do, and contrast it with what they say we CAN’T do…

We can’t stop teenagers from having loveless, soul-rotting pre-marital sex– but we CAN build an electric car that runs on crystalic-fusion ion batteries that aren’t invented yet… which, somehow –magically– will cost only marginally more than a Ford Pinto when it is finally built.

We can’t stop the runaway spending in Washington, lest we hurt the Children– but we CAN put the lives of these same children into perilous risk by enslaving them to a monstrously-ballooning national debt.

We can’t have granite-spined patriots like Senator Ted Cruz or Rand Paul filibuster on the Senate floor and talk about the impending catastrophe befalling our magnificent health-care system… But, we CAN applaud and applaud and applaud a  President who speaks in a similar manner under the Capitol Dome about how he is going to brazenly, assuredly violate the Constitution and seize dictatorial powers he does not lawfully posses.

We CAN ban handguns… but we CAN’T vote against nominees for Justice Department appointments who defend monsters that shoot police officers in the back and in the face WITH these handguns…

We can lower the level of the oceans by building wind-turbines. But we CAN’T lower the price of gasoline by building the Keystone XL Pipeline.

We CAN’T allow lead-based paint to exist in any form, lest a tiny fleck float into your soup and give you a brain tumor… But we CAN legalize Pot and smoke it where we can’t smoke cigarettes because it eases the effects of cancer…

We CAN’T write governmental social policies that promote traditional marriage (think Obamacare), but we CAN write Supreme Court Decisions that promote homosexual marriage.

We can’t possibly round up and deport every illegal foreign alien– But we CAN round up 10 million physicians to care for them free of charge….

Obviously, logic and reason are unknown to the Modern American Left. That which tells us by human experience is good and possible is seen by today’s leftists as bad and impossible.

Is there a cure, a way out of their bizarro-world-view Amusement Park of Horrors? As I’ve illustrated, it cannot be done with logic and reason: matter of superficial faith cannot be tackled by rational argumentation.

Rather, one fights fire WITH fire.

More later….