I'm All For "Single-Payer"... ME!

Rather like the Vernal Equinox, it was bound to happen:

The far-out extreme left-wing kook fringe is piling onto the “Obamacare Sucks!” band-wagon.

But, in a move to contrast themselves with regular, sane, normal Americans who have been driving this behemoth-like bandwagon for nearly four years now, the far-out extreme left-wing kook fringe has their panties in a wad because Obamacare isn’t Marxist enough for their sensibilities.

Just yesterday, the Fatest of Fat Slobs of the Left (a.k.a Michael Moore-and-More-and-More) tweeted, or belched, or farted, or whatever his ilk do to communicate their brilliance, that there was “still too much capitalist Insurance corporation” money in Obamacare, and that it was thus “awful”. Of course, this definition of “awful” therefore must apply to the filmography of the talented Mr.  Moore and More and More, whose “films” (or “agit-prop”, if you prefer) have all been bankrolled by “capitalist corporations” like Lionsgate, and Disney and Miramax.

As a fellow denizen of Northern Michigan with Michael (and even a dinner guest of a mutual friend, but thankfully never on the same evening), I can tell you that the roads have all been widened up here to accommodate Mr. Moore. His enchanting visage is forever linked now to the charming Traverse City Film Festival– and, believe me, corporations are involved here, too. So, the TCFF must be “awful”.

No, Michael, actually: You are awful, and by your own definition.

But, if there is one thing The Left has always been absurdly resilient to is being hoisted upon their own petards. So, I suspect Mr. More (and more, and more, and more) will pay absolutely no price for his profundity, and it’s glaring, slack-jawed hypocrisy. Yes, Mr. Moore sez, in that Aristotelian manner of his, that America needs “a single-payer health-care system”.

I am in complete accord with the Fat Slob on this one. I want single-payer health-care, too. And I want to be that “single payer”.

Can you imagine for a moment having automobile “health maintenance” insurance? The sort where every time you wanted new windshield wipers or a car-wash, you submitted a claim, waited weeks for some sort of reimbursement, and in the meantime your car had become dirty again?

Or, for you fans that are fond of claiming that Obamacare is hunky-dory constitutionally because you can’t drive without automobile insurance, how ’bout this: True enough; But I can purchase cheapo-cheapo bare-bones “PL-PD” insurance, and the government doesn’t mandate that I pay for windshield wiper replacements, oil changes, air-fresheners and car-washes. I just pay on the off-chance that I ruin the other guy’s property, and mess up his life.

Insurance has so disfigured the health-care economy that much of it ought to be outlawed altogether. How, after all, can you insure AGAINST not needing something life demands we will need? Why not sell food insurance in case we ever get hungry? Or air insurance in case we ever need to breathe?

Yes, I want to pay for my own doctor. I don’t want to pay for insurance.  I want to pay my doctor with a check, or Visa so I can rack up some reward points. I want to schedule a visit for me and my family, get a bill from him in the mail, and pay it. A Single Payer: