With a Nod to Marvin Gaye: Here's What's Goin' On...

I was 45 when Barack Obama was first elected. I am 50 now.

Tempus Fugit. Time flies…

We all have only so many days. We are on this earth for a finite number of minutes. Tick, tock. The political blood-suckers look at the next election cycle in a vacuum of dialectic abstraction. In fact, simply calling them an “election cycle” betrays a ne’er-do-well mind-set that only the pundit class fully appreciates: Oh, well… Elections come, elections go, ho hum. We have power, then they have power...

Just another Cycle.

But the years go by inexorably, one into another. The political wags scheme in the shadows, building up the Rolodex, waiting for the next Cycle. This is why we are treated to endless nonsensical metaphors and political comparisons to what is happening now, and what has happened in the past. We’ve all read them: Are we simply entering the 5-year-second-term-presidential-Blues? What can the Chairman ObaMao do to hoist up the sagging poll numbers? What about his (wait for the drum-roll) “signature legislation” (which oddly no longer seems to bear his signature)? What is Michelle O wearing to the latest White House Concert?

On and on and on, ridiculous news scraps about so-and-so number of Americans think we should “give Obamacare a chance” (-as if we have a choice in the matter), or nauseating vignettes about how this compares to Hurricane Katrina ala Bush 43, or Monica Lewinski and her boyfriend with the Distinguishing Sexual Characteristic. To these people, all of the horrific, incalculable misery and ruin Barack Obama has knowingly, affirmatively visited up the American People is just another news-story– another part of the Cycle.

News Flash: It isn’t. It’s more. Much, much more.

This is what’s goin’ on. Much of what made America is gone forever, fundamentally transformed. Look in any direction…

Over there? Yes, well, that husk is what’s left of the private health insurance market. It’s gone, it’s dead. It was transformed in five years from a dynamic, real, responsive free marketplace to a stultified, mummified relic completely incapable of advance or retreat. Millions are out of luck, screwed, glued and tattooed. But, oh well– we all knew Papa Joe Stalin’s maxim about breaking eggs to make omelets, and if Barack Obama knows anything, it’s what useless twaddle rolls around in the minds of genocidal mass-murdering Commie dictators (after all, you don’t sit at the knee of Frank Davis to learn Ecclesiastes.)

Over there, behind the skinny guy with the big ears? Oh, yeah, that’s the Food Stamp program– which doesn’t even issue Food Stamps anymore, but somehow manages to subsidize the caloric intake of some 55 million Americans now. Try taking THIS little dainty away, especially now! You think the Food Riots were bad in Tunisia, well, just wait to see what happens when the SNAP Cards suddenly go Snap! Yep, more “fundamental transformation”.

Look over there at the Jobs Report! Hey, 15 percent real unemployment is just fine, now that a radical, off-the-rails extreme Marxist is in charge of the numbers! In fact, 20 percent would suit our purposes even better. The idea is never to help people find a job, or provide them with food, or give them free health care, or what have you. The idea is the exercise of Raw, Undiluted Power. Nothing more. It’s all working just fine. All the endless waves of dependent, despondent people are lining up, just like we planned. The Emergency came, and the emergency was not wasted.

…and the American people sat back, comfortable, not knowing what to do, rather like the first-class passengers on board the Titanic. The Emergency came, and they’d been trained to think it was a cycle, nothing more. And, to this day, the Loyal Opposition is running about the First Class Deck with their cork-filled, white canvass life preservers on, listening to the chamber music, quite certain that the boat will right itself by the next cycle, the next election.

And the years are gone. The years pile up behind us. It’s imperceptible really. But, take a look into the rear-view mirror. Ten years ago, George W. Bush served up a surprise turkey to a grateful army locked in mortal combat in Iraq. If I had said then, that by the fall of 2013,  some back-bench Illinois state Senator you’d never heard of with extreme left-wing Marxist ideology would be president, that the real unemployment rate would be over 14%, that Iraq had become a client state of Iran, that the leftists had completely nationalized the banks and the health-care industry, that “same-sex marriage” would be legal in 10 states, that 55 million Americans would be on food stamps, that 40 million Americans would live below the poverty line, that one in three American families would be dependent on some sort of government wealth transfer for their livelihoods, and that the Supreme Court would be thrashing around like some dervish trying to put fingers in all the holes of the constitutional dike, from assaults on Free Speach (McCain-Feingold), private property (NFIB vs. Sibelius) to the latest assaults on Religous Freedom with the Hobby Lobby case– you would have said, and rightly so, “no way”.

But here we are. The years go by, and we can’t wait for the next cycle. We need to start bailing out the holds: Now. Meanwhile, Boehnor, and Cantor and McCarthy and McConnell and all the Republican Merry Pranksters stand on the deck of the sinking ship, turning the pages of the sheet music for the Obama Chamber Quartet.

We don’t have time to dither. But, dither we shall. That’s what’s goin’ on.

Brother, brother, brother.