Civil Disobedience for Dummies (Including Me...)

As Rod Serling would say:

“Submitted for your Approval…

And, just as the old Twilight Zone veered often into unpleasant truths about the nature of Man, I think we may have stumbled into a chink in the considerable Obamacare armor. And, I think there may be a relatively simple way to make the whole ridiculous law hang from it’s own haphazardly constructed gibbet.

There is a worm in the apple. Literally.

What would happen if everyone who opposed this detestable law tried to access the “Healthcare.gov” website at the same time? And what would happen if everyone who opposed this detestable law tried to access “Healthcare.gov” at the same time, on the same day…

…and kept doing it, on the same day, at the same time, for the next number of months, and it kept crashing, and crashing, and crashing, until it became clear that the loathsome Obama administration is wholly incapable of creating a simple website– let alone run the entire healthcare industry?

Suppose we –millions and millions of patriotic Americans– all picked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6PM Eastern Standard Time to simply take out our smartphones, or go to our computers, and log onto Healthcare.gov at the same time; And, suppose we did it right through New Years Eve. Or the next Fourth of July. Whatever.

It would take almost no effort, by the way. It might tie up your laptop or phone for a couple of minutes each week. But, it’s a lot more simple, and more efficient, than, say, jamming into a couple thousand Greyhound buses and marching on the Mall. And you wouldn’t have to suffer through the stench of Harry Reid’s famous BO.

Like Jay Carney (by the way, the most aptly named mouthpiece for a demagogue I’ve ever heard), I’m no computer expert; But, I suspect if we kept this up, there’s no way the efficacy of the website could ever be demonstrated.

Like I say: Submitted for your approval…