Pace Freddie Mercury, "Nothing Really Matters"...

I don’t know how to tell you all this, but the gig is up.

Obamacare is permanently cemented into the infinitely mammoth edifice of Washington. Even after nearly four years of “Republican” chest-thumping against it, the hilariously-named  “Affordable Care Act” will never go away –unless the long arm of societal upheaval reaches in, and strips it out. When it finally falls, it will take much of what we currently hold as “society” with it.

We had not enough people of virtue and valor to oppose it. We had hagglers, hustlers, petty liars and crooks instead. We had Customer’s Men. And, as the great Ronald Reagan postulated, we are now taking the first steps into a thousand years of darkness.

We have no leadership. The “Republican” party has now fallen to haggling the terms of its own demise. Barack Obama has assumed the posture of a Constitutional Tyrant who will not be assailed. Unless you capitulate, and agree with his remorseless march toward God-knows-what, he will unleash fiscal hell.

What does it matter?

For eighty years or more, we’ve been paying people not to work, paying their bills with money that didn’t exist. We’re creating a Treasury Bubble to the tune of $80 billion of fake money every month pouring out of the Federal Reserve. We have $90 Trillion in governmental promises we’ve made of which there is absolutely no hope of ever paying. At some point, the snake eats it’s tail.

Perhaps today is a better day for this eventuality than a year from now. Maybe we ought get it over with.

As Frodo Baggins said, “I wish I hadn’t lived to see such times”.  And, as Gandalf Stormcrow replied “So does everyone. But that is not theirs to choose: All we can do the best we can with the time we have“.

Maybe it’s time to put our heads down, and face the whirlwind.